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“If you can't handle a little spider, how are you meant to help me with that?”
Monkey King[src]

The Arachnoid Base was a mobile base that served as the Spider Demons' base of operations.


Revenge of the Spider Queen

While the Spider Queen's Spider-Bots were taking control of the civilians, she creates the Arachnoid Base as her headquarters during her conquest. When the Monkey King went to the Arachnoid Base to stop the Spider Queen, he ends up being overpowered by her and becomes her prisoner.

Later, the Spider Queen captured the Demon Bull King and explained to him that she is using other demons and the Monkey King to power the mobile base.

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72 Transformations

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The city is in danger! The Spider Queen is invading in her mobile Arachnoid Base. She has captured Monkey King and has been creating poisonous robotic spiders in the base’s secret lab. Dash to the scene with Monkie Kid and Pigsy. Dodge the mech’s huge pincers, then transform Monkie Kid's Golden Staff into a flyer and attack. You must defeat the queen or she’ll turn the people into a spider army!


Names in other languages

  • Japanese: Supaidākuīn no saikyō kichi (スパイダークイーンの最恐基地 “Spider Queen's Most Dreadful Base”)
  • Korean: Geomi Giji (거미 기지 “Spider Base”)


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