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“Citizens. It is I, Red Son. I have taken control of the Weather Station and will harness the very power of nature to return my father to his former glory.”
Red Son

Bad Weather is the first episode of Season 1 and the first episode overall of Monkie Kid.


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Short description

Red Son takes over the 'Weather Station', a prestigious club that allows its members to control the weather in different parts of the city.


After the humiliating defeat of Demon Bull King in the movie, Red Son decides to reclaim some villainous glory by taking over the Weather Station and controlling the weather all across the city. MK attempts to defeat Red Son, but his lack of control and discipline causes trouble. Monkey King comes to the rescue, limiting MK’s powers so that he can use them effectively until he has time to train and learn to fully control them. Now our hero has enough wisdom and power to defeat Red Son and clear up the weather, saving the city.[1]


A week after the battle with the Demon Bull King, MK, Mei, Tang, and Sandy were having time off at Sandy's boat. However, when a crate falls on MK, he reveals that he's alright since he's invincible. Pigsy tells MK that just because he has the powers of the Monkey King doesn't mean he shouldn't be goofing off with them, but only for Mei to interrupt and says that every hero should have a base. So she takes MK and the others inside Sandy's boat to show them their new headquarters, the Sea-Crate HQ.

Meanwhile, the Demon Bull King takes his anger out by destroying parts of the Flaming Foundry until Princess Iron Fan tells him to calm down. Red Son then says that he'll help the Demon Bull King get the power he deserves before heading out.

Weather Station.jpeg

With the help of the Bull Clones, Red Son breaks into the Weather Station to broadcast his plans, to control the City's weather so he can return the Demon Bull King to his former glory. When MK and his team notices this, they head to the Weather Station to stop Red Son. However, due to him still not having complete control of his powers, MK accidentally injures Mei and Sandy and knocks himself out of the Weather Station, allowing Red Son and the Bull Clones to capture the team.

After being knocked out of the Weather Station, MK meets the Monkey King again and asks for his help, but only for the Monkey King to interrupt, saying that it's no longer his job to fight off bad guys. When MK says that he had messed everything every time he does something, the Monkey King says that he needs self-confidence by practicing more, as it took him centuries of training and fighting off demons to do so. However, when MK says that the city and his friends are counting on him, the Monkey King says that he's able to limit MK's powers, but at the cost of him losing his invincibility. MK agrees and the Monkey King limits the former's powers.


Once the Monkey King helped him get back to the Weather Station, MK fights off Red Son and the Bull Clones until he gets the idea to lure them outside. Once Red Son and the Bull Clones were hanging outside on top of the Weather Station, MK presses the lightning button, zapping Red Son and the Bull Clones. After defeating Red Son, MK restored the weather back to the way it was and tells the others that he'll practice more until he gets better control of his powers.

At the Flaming Foundry, the Demon Bull King continues to take his anger out until he discovers a blue light underneath the foundry.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
David Chen Tang
Gwendoline Yeo Princess Iron Fan
Jack De Sena MK
Kyle McCarley Red Son
Patrick Seitz Sandy
Sean Schemmel Monkey King
Stephanie Sheh Mei
Mysterious Whisperer
Steve Blum Demon Bull King
Bull Clones










Names in other languages

Foreign language Name
Mandarin Fánrén de tiānqì (烦人的天气, “Annoying Weather”)
Taiwanese Èliè tiānqì lái xí (惡劣天氣來襲, “Severe Weather is Coming”)
Cantonese Waai6 tin1 hei3 (壞天氣, “Bad Weather”)
Korean Nalssiga michyeoss-eoyo! (날씨가 미쳤어요!, “The Weather is Crazy!”)
Japanese Abaren bō! ? Susamajiki nyoi bō no pawā (あばれん棒!?すさまじき如意棒のパワー “Rough Staff!? The Power of the Awesome Golden Staff”)
French Mauvais temps (“Bad Weather”)
German Schlechtes Wetter (“Bad Weather”)
Spanish Mal clima (“Bad Weather”)
Hebrew מזג אוויר רע (“Bad Weather”)


Characters' roles


  • MK serve as the main protagonist of this episode.
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  • Red Son serves as the main antagonist of this episode.
  • The Bull Clones served as the villainous faction of this episode.
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