“You fool. You think we didn't try that already? It's gonna take more than a few robots to lift the Monkey King's staff. Only those deemed worthy enough can wield it.”
Red Son, after Bob failed to free the Demon Bull King

Bob is a member of the Bull Clones.


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

When Princess Iron Fan and Red Son were preparing to pull the Golden Staff off of a small mountain, Bob attempted to pull the staff off, but only for his arms to be ripped off. He was then told by Red Son that only people who are deemed worthy can lift the Monkey King's staff. After Red Son was able pull the Golden Staff off, the Bull Clones cheered while Bob looks down in dismay.


Like all Bull Clones, Bob is a dark gray and purple robot with dark gray armor that has the Demon Bull Family's insignia. As well as magenta arms and horns and dark gray hands and heads. However, Bob has his right horn upside down.



  • Bob and General Ironclad are the only Bull Clones that can be told apart, as General Ironclad has different coloring and Bob having his right horn being upside down.



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