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“What is this?”
“A guide. A pathway to greatness. With this, you will build your revenge one piece at a time. Five more items of power must be collected. And then, we shall forge your destiny.”
— The Spider Queen and Lady Bone Demon[src]

The bone mech is a giant mech that Lady Bone Demon and the Mayor created to destroy MK and the Monkey King.


Revenge of the Spider Queen

While taunting the Monkey King, Lady Bone Demon shows him a vision about her using the bone mech.

Sleep Bug

After Syntax got one of the items that would create the bone mech, Lady Bone Demon revealed to the Spider Queen that they need five more powerful artifacts to create it.

Minor Scale

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This is the End!

Once the bone mech was created, Lady Bone Demon used the mech to attack MK. Although MK was able to destroy the mech in its spider form, Lady Bone Demon rebuild it into the Bone Scorpion after MK lost some of his powers.

After MK destroyed the mech's scorpion form by creating the Monkey King Warrior Mech, Lady Bone Demon changed into her true form and transformed the bone mech into the Bone Demon.


Official descriptions

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LEGO® Building Instructions' description

Team up with Monkie Kid and Mei to help them defeat the Bone Demon 3 times! First, get past the Bone Spiders guarding the crypt entrance. Power up Monkie Kid and Mei's weapons to defeat the Bone Spirits and a Bone Scorpion. Then use Monkie Kid’s mech and Cloud Board and Mei’s winged jetpack to battle the White Bone Demon in her mighty Bone Demon creation. With teamwork, you can save the day!

Demons and Other Bad Guys

Monkie Kid and Mei must defeat the Bone Demon three times. But this shape-shifter is devilishly tough to beat, so they'll have to use all their skills… a mech, Cloud Board and jetpack might help too![1]


Bone Spider

Bone Spider.jpeg
The Bone Spider was the first form of the bone mech. After the bone mech was created, Lady Bone Demon used the mech in its Bone Spider form to attack MK, but was eventually destroyed when MK enlarged himself.

Bone Scorpion

Bone Scorpion.jpeg
The Bone Scorpion was the second form of the bone mech. After MK lost some of his powers, Lady Bone Demon rebuilt the bone mech into the Bone Scorpion to continue her battle with MK.

Bone Demon

Bone mech Ep20.jpeg
The Bone Demon is the third and final form of the bone mech. After the Bone Scorpion gotten destroyed by MK, the Lady Bone Demon changed into her true form and rebuild the bone mech into the Bone Demon.


Behind the scenes

  • The bone mech's three forms are a reference to Lady Bone Demon's disguises in chapter 27 of Journey to the West, where Lady Bone Demon took on a different form everytime Monkey King seemingly killed her.[2]


Official media

In Monkie Kid

Revenge of the Spider Queen

Sleep Bug

Dumpling Destruction

Minor Scale

This is the End!


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