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“Okay, uh, let's see here. Step one: Imprison Monkie Kid in the Calabash.”
“Right. Done.“
“Uh, step two: Convince Monkie Kid he's not in the Calabash.”
Yin and Jin

Calabash is the fifth episode of Season 1 and the fifth episode overall of Monkie Kid.


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MK wakes up to a perfect life... too perfect. He realises he's living in an illusion brought on by being trapped in the nefarious Calabash.


After experiencing an earthquake and accidentally sleeping in, MK rushes to Pigsy's Noodles to tell Pigsy not to fire him. Once he did, Pigsy questions him on why would he fire him, as he and Tang implied that sounded like Pigsy would never do. Moments later, when MK asked what happened to his staff, Tang told him that he used the staff to imprisoned the Demon Bull Family on top of the mountain. However, when Tang realized that MK doesn't recalled the imprisonment, Pigsy gives MK the day off. Overjoyed, MK goes around the city to have fun until he notices that the civilians were getting clingy around him and that something was going on.

Once MK runs off to tell Mei about the situation, he ends up on a romantic river cruise with her, with Sandy as their waiter. When MK tells Mei about what was happening all day, he notices that Mei is acting stranger than usual as well. Soon, Mei then admits to MK that she loves him since the day they first met, causing MK to feel nauseous. Unbeknownst to MK, the Gold and Silver Demons fight for an ancient relic known as the calabash, which was used by them to trap MK in an alternate universe. After Jin made a mistake for making MK and Mei's alternative counterpart fall in love, he and Yin go through their plan until he decided to fix his mistake by saying that Mei's alternative counterpart actually loves being MK's best friend instead. In the alternate universe, MK gets away from Mei by saying that he'll see her later.

Sometime later, MK meets up with the Monkey King and tells him what was going on. Despite this, Monkey King tells MK that the events that are happening to him are normal and that he should accept it until he notices that MK left.

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After the Gold and Silver Horn Demons left, MK heads back to Pigsy's Noodles and meets up with Mei, Pigsy, and Tang. There, Pigsy questions MK where was he until the latter embraces him. However, when MK said that he's glad that his friends aren't perfect, Mei, Pigsy, and Tang get mad at MK and started to remark that they are perfect.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
Pigsy (Calabash)
David Chen Tang
Tang (Calabash)
Jack De Sena MK
Patrick Seitz Sandy (Calabash)
Sean Schemmel Monkey King (Calabash)
Stephanie Sheh Mei
Mei (Calabash)









Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Zǐ jīn húlu (紫金葫芦, “Purple Gourd”)
  • Taiwanese: Xié'è húlu (邪惡葫蘆, “Evil Gourd”)
  • Cantonese: Wu4 Lou4 (葫蘆, “Gourd”)
  • Korean: Jolongbag (조롱박 “Cucurbit”)
  • Japanese: Wandahō! Nante fushigina nagai ichi-nichi (ワンダホー!なんて不思議な長い1日 “Wonderful! What A Mysterious Long Day”)
  • French: Calebasse (“Calabash”)
  • German: Kalebasse (“Calabash”)


  • This episode was adapted into a comic book in Monkie Kid Comic Story 3.
  • This is one of the two Season 1 episodes that one of the showrunners of Monkie Kid revealed when they were working on the episodes.[1]
  • In Malaysia, the episode was originally going to be released on September 20, 2020, but was later rescheduled to the 26th.[2]
  • In Hong Kong, the episode was supposed to premiere on November 22, 2020, but was rescheduled to the 29th due to the live broadcast of the 2020 Macau Grand Prix.

Focus Characters


  • MK serves as the main protagonist of this episode.
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