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This article is primarily about the Celestial Realm's appearance within Monkie Kid. For more information on the Celestial Realm in Journey to the West, click here.
“However, I'll need supplies. And the only place to get them is…”
“No, you noodle brain! The Celestial Realm.”
Red Son and MK[src]

The Celestial Realm is a supernatural realm.


Revenge of the Spider Queen

After MK's team and Red Son agreed to team up, they went to the Celestial Realm to get the Celestial Artifacts so they can make an antidote to the Spider Queen's venom. However, they got into trouble when they ran into the Spider Demons and the Lion Guardians once they got the artifacts. Despite this, they were able to escape from them and leave the Celestial Realm.

Dumpling Destruction

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Revenge of the Spider Queen

Dumpling Destruction

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