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This article is about the vehicle. You may be looking for the set.
“I'm pretty sure I know how to fly a futuristic hoverbike.”

The Cloud Bike is a hoverbike owned by MK.


Sleep Bug

After MK discovered that Sleep Bug was making everyone fall asleep, he used the Golden Staff to create the Cloud Bike and travel to the Cloud.

Dumpling Destruction

MK and Tang used the Cloud Bike to get to Flower Fruit Mountain.

Shadow Play

MK used the Cloud Bike to travel to Flower Fruit Mountain.

LEGO® Building Instructions' description

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Emergency! Spindrax is releasing robotic spiders in the city to attack innocent citizens. Speed through the streets to the rescue with Monkie Kid on his awesome Cloud Bike. Dodge Spindrax’s stud-shooter blasts, then transform the Cloud Bike into flight mode and fire the hidden disc shooters. Can you take down Spindrax, destroy the robotic spider with The Golden Staff and become a hero?



Monkie Kid

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Fēixuán Mótuō Chē (飛旋摩托車 “Whirling Motorcycle”)
  • Japanese: Dorōnbaiku (ドローンバイク “Drone Bike”)



Official media

In Monkie Kid

Sleep Bug

Dumpling Destruction

Shadow Play

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