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“Can't be to hard to fly. It's for ages eight and up!”

The Cloud Jet was a jet that MK used to travel back to the City.


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

After MK couldn't find a way to head back to the City, he saw the monkeys from Flower Fruit Mountain unintentionally opening a cargo container that had the Cloud Jet. Excited, MK uses the Cloud Jet to return to the city. However, when he did, he accidentally crashes to Red Son, destroying the Cloud Jet. Description

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Help Monkie Kid reclaim The Golden Staff from Red Son! Red Son is flying away with his Twin Fire Jet Pack, so give chase in Monkie Kid's awesome Cloud Jet! Fire the disc shooters to take him down. Land the jet and launch the speed bike. Pursue Bull Clone Growl through the Megapolis streets to save civilian Ai. Then fight for The Golden Staff - can you release it from Red Son's Power Glove?




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