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The Cloud Roadster is a vehicle that was used by MK and Mei to win the Great Wall Race.


The Great Wall Race

After MK accidently destroyed the tuk-tuk and the White Dragon Horse Bike, MK used the Golden Staff to create the Cloud Roadster, which was later used by him and Mei to win the Great Wall Race.

Skeleton Key

After the Mayor gave the Skeleton Key to MK and Mei, MK used the Cloud Roadster to race in the city's racetrack.

LEGO® Building Instructions' description

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Emergency! The Gold and Silver Horn Demons are attacking on their motorcycle and trying to suck in civilians with their Calabash weapons. Speed to the rescue in Monkie Kid’s Cloud Roadster. Look out for the Horn Demons launching the flyer from their bike. Fire the spring-loaded shooters then smash those demons with Monkie Kid’s Golden Staff. Only you can defeat them and save Wang and Chen!




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