“In some ways, you're very fortunate, noodle boy! Not many insects are lucky enough to be stamped out by the Demon Bull Family.”
Red Son

The Demon Bull Family is a family of Demons that serve as MK's Team's main adversaries.


Early Life

At one point, Demon Bull King married Princess Iron Fan and had a child with her, whom they named Red Son. After leaving the Netherworld, the Demon Bull King attacked a village and started destroying everything. However, when the Monkey King appeared, the Demon Bull King engaged in a battle with him, only to be defeated and imprisoned in a mountain for five hundred years until his son managed to release him and the family was reunited once again.

Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

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Bad Weather

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The Great Wall Race

When Red Son told his parents about the Great Wall Race, they weren't interested in it, as they would rather continue to dig up the tomb than compete in a race. In frustration, Red Son says that he'll keep the Immortal Peach to himself if he wins the race. However, when he left, the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan changed their minds so they crush their son's hopes in winning the race.

However, none of them were able to win the race, as the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan had to quit the race after being briefly stuck in a mountain, and MK and Mei crashing into Red Son's race car. When Red Son claimed that he should've won the race to MK and Mei, he then realized that the prize for winning the race was actually a photo of the winner projected on the Great Wall. Red Son then lied that he already knew and leaves in anger.

Skeleton Key

After the Bull Clones were able to dig up the tomb, the Demon Bull King attempts to open it but failed, as he doesn't have enough power to open it. Luckily for him, Red Son stated that only a magical key can unlock the tomb and knew where to find it.

While MK and Mei were having fun with the Skeleton Key, Red Son takes the key from them and escapes. But was stopped by them when they destroyed his Inferno Truck. However, Princess Iron Fan arrives and engages in a battle with MK and Mei until she defeats them, allowing Red Son to get the Skeleton Key again and escape with her.

Once Princess Iron Fan and Red Son were able to retrieve the Skeleton Key, the Demon Bull King uses it to unlock the tomb. However, Red Son discovered that there was nothing inside but bones until he and Princess Iron Fan watch the power source going inside the Demon Bull King's armor, taking control of the Demon Bull King and the Bull Clones.

The End is Here!

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Revenge of the Spider Queen

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Family members



Alternate versions

Calabash counterparts

Main article: Demon Bull Family (Calabash)

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In the episode "Calabash", when MK was trapped in a magical artifact known as the Calabash, he was sent to an alternate universe where everything's perfect. When he asked what happened to the Golden Staff, Tang remarked that he used the staff to imprison the Demon Bull Family in the mountain.




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