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“A little eavesdropper has fallen into our mitts. It seems a waste to crush something so insignificant as my first act as ruler of this new world, but so be it.”
— The Demon Bull King

The Demon Bull King (D.B.K. for short) is the scourge of the Netherworld and the arch-enemy of the Monkey King. After being imprisoned for half a millennia, he plans to take over the city with the help of the Demon Bull Family and the Bull Clones. However, after the White Bone Spirit possessed the Demon Bull King, she used him to take over the city until MK freed the Demon Bull King from the White Bone Spirit's possession.

Official descriptions

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After being locked up for five hundred years, Demon Bull King (D.B.K. for short) is back with a vengeance. Now half-flesh, half-machine, he’s got a grudge against the world and renewed powers to destroy it.

80010 Demon Bull King

Team up with Monkie Kid and Pigsy to take on Princess Iron Fan and the mighty Demon Bull King! Dodge shots from the Demon Bull King’s giant cannons. Avoid his massive axe and flame thrower. Fly into attack with Monkie Kid and knock the Princess off the Demon Bull King’s shoulder with The Golden Staff. Aim Pigsy’s Rake Cannon at the beast. Will you be the hero to defeat this huge, dangerous enemy?


Early Life

At one point, Demon Bull King married Princess Iron Fan and had a son with her named Red Son. After leaving the Netherworld, the Demon Bull King attacked a village and destroyed everything in his path. However, when the Monkey King appeared, the Demon Bull King engaged in a battle with him, but only to be defeated and imprisoned in a mountain.

Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

Five hundred years later, after the Demon Bull King was freed by Red Son, he questions Princess Iron Fan on how she freed him, but only for Red Son to interrupt by stating that he was the one who freed him

Although, when MK accidentally fell of Red Son, the Demon Bull King decided to kill him as his first as ruler of the living world but was stopped by Red Son, who wanted to kill MK to show the Demon Bull King how powerful he became during the past five hundred years. After MK escaped with the Golden Staff, the Demon Bull King swore to kill MK for ruining his plans until he decided to Red Son go after him instead.

Later at the Flaming Foundry, Red Son builds the Demon Bull King a special type of armor and explains its purpose to him. However, when Red Son mentioned the Golden Staff, the Demon Bull King gets mad him until Princess Iron Fan told him not to. Soon, the Demon Bull King and Red Son went off to find rare items to absorb for the former.

You know what's better than limited edition.jpeg
At a Shoe Store the Demon Bull King and Red Son asked an assistant for the latest shoes until they were ordered to go to the back of the line. Angered, the Demon Bull King attacked the Shoe Store by absorbing most of the shoes.

The next day, the Demon Bull King continued to absorb more items until he was given the Golden Staff by Princess Iron Fan, which strengthens the Demon Bull King.

I am the Demon Bull King.jpeg
As the Demon Bull King continued to take over the city, he notices MK and engages in a battle with him. However, when MK was able to go inside the Demon Bull King's armor and get the Golden Staff, the Demon Bull King was overpowered until he knocked MK against a building after the latter attempted to imprisoned him. As the Demon Bull King told MK that he isn't the Monkey King just because he has Monkey King's staff, MK creates the Monkey King Warrior Mech to defeat the Demon Bull King. However, he and Red Son were rescued by Princess Iron at the last minute.

Season 1

Bad Weather

A week later, the Demon Bull King takes his anger out by destroying parts of the Flaming Foundry until he was told by Princess Iron Fan to calm down. When Red Son says that he'll help the Demon Bull King get the power he deserves, the Demon Bull King tells him to get it done.

Now that is power.jpeg
However, when MK defeated Red Son, the Demon Bull King continues to take his anger out until he discovers an energy source underneath the Flaming Foundry.

The Great Wall Race

At the Flaming Foundry, the Demon Bull King ignores Red Son's idea about getting a Peach of Immortality, as he and Princess Iron Fan would rather dig up the energy source instead of winning the Great Wall Race. However, after Red Son said that he wouldn't share the prize if he wins the Great Wall Race, the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan changed their minds at the last minute and decided to join the race so they can beat Red Son.

During the race, the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan had to go through a mountain to complete the race after Red Son mocked them for saying that they aren't able to get through one of the race track's quick turns. Unfortunately, when Princess Iron Fan mentions the Demon Bull King's experiences with mountains, the Demon Bull King had no other choice but to forfeit the race after remembering his imprisonment.

Skeleton Key

After the Bull Clones were able to dig up the tomb, the Demon Bull King attempts to open it but failed, as the required a magical key to unlock it.

Once Princess Iron Fan and Red Son were able to retrieve the Skeleton Key, the Demon Bull King uses it to unlock the tomb. However, once he did, the Demon Bull Family discovered that there was nothing inside but bones until a blue spirit went inside the Demon Bull King's armor, taking control of the Demon Bull King and the Bull Clones.

The End is Here!

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The Demon Bull King is an evil demon with a craving for power and destruction. He has an immense desire to rule the world, and is willing to destroy anyone and anything who gets in his way of conquest.


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  • Holographic Projections - The Demon Bull King can project holograms.


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Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Niú Mówáng (牛魔王)


  • In the Chinese novel, Journey to the West, the Demon Bull King is known as the "Bull Demon King" instead.
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