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“A little eavesdropper has fallen into our mitts. It seems a waste to crush something so insignificant as my first act as ruler of this new world, but so be it.”
— The Demon Bull King

The Demon Bull King (D.B.K. for short) is the scourge of the Netherworld and the arch-enemy of the Monkey King. After being imprisoned for half a millennia, he plans to take over the city with the help of the Demon Bull Family and the Bull Clones. However, after Lady Bone Demon possessed the Demon Bull King, she used him to turn against Princess Iron Fan and Red Son, until MK freed the Demon Bull King from Lady Bone Demon's possession.

After the Battle of the Flaming Foundry, the Demon Bull King and Red Son took some time off from being villains and began a food stand. Despite this, when the Demon Bull King was captured by the Spider Queen at New Year's, he, along with the Monkey King and several other demons were having their powers extracted until the Demon Bull King was able to free himself and the other prisoners from the Arachnoid Base. He then teamed up with the Monkey King and MK's Team to defeat the Spider Demons.

Official descriptions

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Demons and Other Bad Guys

After being locked up for five hundred years, Demon Bull King (D.B.K. for short) is back with a vengeance. Now half-flesh, half-machine, he’s got a grudge against the world and renewed powers to destroy it.

80010 Demon Bull King

Team up with Monkie Kid and Pigsy to take on Princess Iron Fan and the mighty Demon Bull King! Dodge shots from the Demon Bull King’s giant cannons. Avoid his massive axe and flame thrower. Fly into attack with Monkie Kid and knock the Princess off the Demon Bull King’s shoulder with The Golden Staff. Aim Pigsy’s Rake Cannon at the beast. Will you be the hero to defeat this huge, dangerous enemy?


The Demon Bull King is an evil demon with a craving for power and destruction. He has an immense desire to rule the world, and is willing to destroy anyone and anything who gets in his way of conquest.

Appearance & Variants


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  • Armored: After his imprisonment, the enhancements provided by Red Son have made the Demon King into a cyborg. He now dawns silver and orange armor on his body with a glowing orange reactor in his chest.
    • Empowered: With the Golden Staff, the Demon Bull King's right arm replaces with an arm cannon and grows two cannons on his back.
    • Possessed: While being possessed by Lady Bone Demon, the Demon Bull King looks similar to his empowerment statement but with the armor having two canisters instead of cannons and the orange coloring on the armor being blue.
  • Post-imprisonment: TBA
  • Original: In his original form, the Demon Bull King is a gigantic, muscular, yellow-eyed, purple/grayish fur-colored anthropomorphic ox who wears gray/silver colored armor and a cape.
  • Cook: While working at his and his son's food stand, the Demon Bull had a chef's hat and an apron on with his armor.



Demon Bull King.png

Main article: Demon Bull King's armor

After the the Demon Bull King was freed from his imprisonment, Red Son created a suit of armor for the Demon Bull King so he can absorb the Golden Staff.


Before his imprisonment, the Demon Bull King wielded an axe that he used during battle.

Alternate versions

Calabash counterpart

Main article: Demon Bull Family (Calabash)

Tang and Demon Bull Family.jpeg
In the episode "Calabash", when MK was trapped in a magical artifact known as the Calabash, he was sent to an alternate universe where everything's perfect. When he asked what happened to the Golden Staff, Tang remarked that he used the staff to imprison the Demon Bull King and the rest of his family in the mountain.



  • Enhanced Strength - The Demon Bull King possess strength that's far beyond of a normal person's.


  • Beam Emission - The Demon Bull King can project concentrated beams of energy, which can cause immense amount of damage.

Via his armor

  • Ergokinetic Absorption - With his armor, the Demon Bull King can absorb energy in order to create it, which would let him become more powerful depending on which item he absorbed.




Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Niú Mówáng (牛魔王)


  • Like most of the characters from Journey to the West, the Demon Bull King's character in LEGO Monkie Kid is different in the Chinese novel.
    • In the novel, the Demon Bull King is known as the "Bull Demon King" instead.
    • In Journey to the West, The Demon Bull King became sworn brothers with the Monkey King and five other demon kings; the seven of them becoming a fraternity. The Demon Bull King was ranked the most senior of the seven, and proclaimed himself "Great Sage Who Pacifies Heaven". He eventually married Princess Iron Fan and had a son with her, whom they named Red Son. Although, when the Demon Bull King was told by Princess Iron Fan that she was tricked by Monkey King (who disguised himself as the Demon Bull King) into giving him her fan, the Demon Bull King disguises himself as Pigsy to trick Monkey King and retrieve the fan. In the ensuing fight against Monkey King and the Demon Bull King, the latter reveals his true form and attempts to charge towards Monkey King. But Nezha showed up, captured Demon Bull King, and bring him to Heaven to let the Jade Emperor decide his fate.
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