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“The suit absorbs energy to create energy. And what better source than the magic staff that kept you underground?”
Red Son[src]

The Demon Bull King's armor is a suit of armor that was created by Red Son for the Demon Bull King.


Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

When Red Son failed to retrieve the Golden Staff, he built the armor for the Demon Bull King and explained its purpose to him. At a Shoe Store, when an assistant ordered Red Son and the Demon Bull King to go to the back of the line, the latter used the armor to absorbed most of the shoes.

When Princess Iron Fan took the Golden Staff after getting it from the Flaming Mountains, the Demon Bull King absorbed the staff and the armor gained two cannons.

After MK defeated the Demon Bull King, the armor reverted back to its original form.

Skeleton Key

After being freed from her tomb, the Mysterious Whisperer goes inside the Demon Bull King's armor to possess the Demon Bull King while taking control of the Bull Clones.

The End is Here!

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  • Ergokinetic Absorption - The armor can absorb energy in order to create energy, the armor becomes more powerful depending on what item it absorbs.



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