Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

  • Flesh. Bone. I have returned to the realm of the living.
  • Princess Iron Fan. The years have been kind. How did you free me?
  • Excellent.
  • A little eavesdropper has fallen into our mitts. It seems a waste to crush something so insignificant as my first act as ruler of this new world, but so be it.
  • What is this?
  • As you wish.
  • This can't be.
  • Centuries trapped in oblivion, plotting my revenge and all of it thwarted by a little theft?! I will tear the flesh from his bones!
  • See that you don't. My patience has past tended!
  • It's…heavy.
  • You mean the staff that you lost?!
  • Now to find something rare, and expensive. Something that will give me the power I deserve.
  • I am Demon Bull King! Scourge of the Netherworld! And I will be taking those shoes!
  • You will be.
  • You know what's better than limited edition? One of a kind.
  • The little thief returns.
  • Now this world is truly mine!
  • What is this?
  • Monkey King?
  • No!
  • Not again!
  • Enough!
  • You thought you could stand against me? I am the Demon Bull King! I will not let a little thief take victory from my grasp!
  • You might have that old fool's staff, but you are not the Monkey King.
  • Im…possible.

Season 1

Bad Weather

  • An eon trapped under a mountain and now this? I had the staff in my grasp. I should have crushed the thief when I had the chance!
  • Get it done then.
  • The little thief has stolen from me again! I will not be undone by an insect.
  • Now that is power.

The Great Wall Race

  • Foolish boy. If I were to race, I would crush him.
  • I turn for no one!
  • This mountain will crumble before our will!

Skeleton Key

  • Another infernal obstacle keeping me from my destiny!
  • I've been patient long enough. I need that power!

The End is Here!

  • Look at they coward and run. With this power, even the Great Sage could not stop me.
  • Monkey King?! Come to take me? Find me? I will not let that simian abomination triumph again!
  • You? Why would I trust you? You have brought nothing but failure time and time again! Nothing but disappointment!
  • Traitor? Yes. Perhaps.
  • You thought you could deceive me?! Stand against me?!
  • Another traitor in my mitts?!
  • As if you could!
  • Little thief.
  • Sun Wukong. Come to lock me away again? I'll crush you where you stand!
  • You'll meet your fate together!
  • You have been an utter disappointment. I had hoped you would've learned more of the Great Sage's little tricks.
  • What? A copy?
  • What-what happened?
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