These are the relationships of the scourge of the Netherworld, the Demon Bull King.

Princess Iron Fan

Princess Iron Fan is the Demon Bull King's wife. They don't interact much but she seems to love and respect him while he may also have some respect towards her since he listened to her when she asked him to not be so harsh on Red Son for losing the Golden Staff.

Red Son

Red Son is the Demon Bull King's son. Their relationship seems to be a weak one since D.B.K. shows no gratitude to his son for freeing him or his efforts to help him regain his powers and is quick to chastise him for his mistakes no matter how big or small while Red Son does whatever it takes to make his father proud.

Monkey King

The Monkey King is the Demon Bull King's arch-enemy.


Template:RelationshipDescription MK is one of the Demon Bull King's new adversaries.

When the Demon Bull King first saw MK, he accuses him as an eavesdropper and attempted to kill him as his first act as ruler of the City. However, when MK escaped with the Golden Staff, the Demon Bull King then calls him a thief and swore that he'll kill him.

When the Demon Bull King saw MK again, he attempts to kill him, but only for him to be defeated by MK after he used the Monkey King Warrior Mech.

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