“All right, I'll bite. If the staff is here, then where is the demon punk now?”

Demons are a race of supernatural beings that live in the Netherworld.


Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

The time of when Demons became apparent in the world is unclear. However, they likely have existed for 500 years during the time of the Monkey King, with the most notable appearance of Demons being the arrival of the Demon Bull King.

500 years, the appearance of Demons have become more frequent with the wife of the Demon Bull King, Princess Iron Fan, and their son, Red Son, being the most prominent.

Season 1

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Revenge of the Spider Queen

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Personalities vary from Demon to Demon, but so far, they have shown to be cruel, sadistic, vicious, and wanting domination over the entire world.


Given their existence as other worldly beings, Demons so far have shown to possess supernatural and destructive powers, raining from immense physical attributes to manipulation of energy and the elements.

Known Demons



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Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

Season 1


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