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Note: Due to Monkie Kid not being a direct representation to Journey to the West,[1] this article will be primarily about the Dragon of the West's appearance within Monkie Kid. For information about him in Journey to the West, click here.

Ao Ji, better known as the Dragon of the West, was a member of the Dragon Clan as well as the creator of the Dragon Blade.


At some point in time, the Dragon of the West created the Dragon Blade.

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Outfit Description Image
Human The Dragon of the West has black hair with a widows peak tied in a ponytail. He wears a red and gold outfit with a maroon cape and a golden headpiece.
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Dragon The Dragon of the West is a green dragon with dark green fur, white horns and glowing green eyes.


Dragon Blade

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Main article: Dragon Blade

The Dragon Blade is a legendary sword that was created by the Dragon of the West Sea, who made the sword in the first place so his family can protect each other with his power, while a worthy member of the family can use its true strength.


  • Dracokinesis - Like all the members of the Dragon Clan from his bloodline, the Dragon of the West possess the traits of a dragon.
    • Dragon aura - The Dragon of the West can surround himself in a draconic energy whenever he uses his power.
    • Dragon transformation - The Dragon of the West can transform between human and dragon at will.[2] However, it's unclear if the ability implies that he's a hybrid between human and dragon instead of just being a dragon entirely.


Names in other languages

Foreign language Name
Mandarin Xīhǎi lóngwáng (西海龍王 “Dragon of the West”)
Spanish Dragón del Oeste (“Dragon of the West”)


  • In the Chinese novel, Journey to the West, the Dragon of the West is known as the "Dragon King of the West Sea".
  • While called Ao Ji in Monkie Kid, the Dragon of the West is more commonly known by the name Ao Run.


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