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“Now, where were we? Oh yeah, I think you were going to tell me a little something about this, right? And do yourself a favor. Don't drop anymore food.”
— The Monkey King

Dumpling Destruction is the second episode of Season 2 and the twelfth episode overall of Monkie Kid.


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MK gets a call from Monkey King who has accidentally knocked over a "Celestial Dumpling". It's streaking toward Earth and if it hits, everything will be destroyed.[1]


At Pigsy's Noodles, MK was mopping the floors until he received a call from Monkey King, who warned him that a Celestial Dumpling is heading towards Earth and that he needs him to destroy it before it hits. After ending the call, Monkey King continued his conversation regarding a demon with the Celestial Beings after having a fight with them, which caused the Celestial Dumpling to fall towards Earth in the first place.

Back at Megapolis, MK tells the others that they need to head to Flower Fruit Mountain so they can find something that could destroy the Celestial Dumpling, but he only takes Tang with him, as they both know Monkey King well.

After arriving to Flower Fruit Mountain, MK began to think that he should've brought Mei with him after Tang failed to land the Cloud Bike safely. But Tang implied that he's perfect for the mission as he knows more, making MK beginning to be annoyed by Tang's knowledge of Monkey King.

Meanwhile, Huntsman attempts to enter the Shuilian Cave to look for the demon-revealing mirror, but failed, as only Monkey King and MK can open the barrier. However, Huntsman later saw MK and Tang enter the cave, allowing him to go inside as well.

While inside, Tang explained that he and MK should used Guanyin's vase to stop the Celestial Dumpling, as they could use the water produced from the vase to suck up the dumpling. After hearing this, MK said that they could find the vase inside the room that's filled with Monkey King's possessions. However, while they were inside, they were both attacked by Huntsman. While MK battled Huntsman, Tang continued to look for the vase. Eventually, Huntsman was stopped by Tang after he used a specialized sword on him. Realizing that the results of the dumpling hitting Megapolis would affect him too, Huntsman decided to let MK and Tang go while he escaped with the demon-revealing mirror.

After he escaped, MK suggested that they should use the sword on the Celestial Dumpling, but Tang threw it away and picked Guanyin's vase. However, thinking that he picked up the wrong one, Tang later picked up a different vase, and the two return to Megapolis. Once the two returned, they used the vase to suck up the Celestial Dumpling and trap it inside. However, the vase broke and the remains of the dumpling splattered all over the city. And MK and Tang both agreed that they should've brought more vases. Meanwhile, at the Silken Web Cave, Huntsman brought the demon-revealing mirror to the Spider Queen. He soon saw his reflection and realized that the mysterious girl is a demon. Before he could say anything, the girl took the mirror and put it in the Trigram Furnace.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
David Chen Tang
Jack De Sena MK
Kimberly Brooks Spider Queen
Sean Schemmel Monkey King
Stephanie Sheh Mei
Steve Blum Huntsman
Victoria Grace Mysterious girl










Names in other languages

Foreign language Name
Mandarin Tiān Luò Guàn Tāng Jiǎo​ (天落灌汤饺​ “Sky Falling Soup Dumpling​”)
Cantonese Gaau2 Zi2 Wai2 Mit6 Sai3 Gaai3 (餃子毀滅世界 “Dumplings Destroy the World”)
Taiwanese Jiǎozi Huǐmiè Jì​ (餃子毀滅記 “Dumpling​ Destruction”)
Japanese Yakedo ni chūi! Shōronpō ni wa kiwotsukero
(ヤケドに注意!小籠包には気をつけろ “Be Careful of Burns! Watch Out for Xiaolongbao​”)
Korean Pamyeol-ui Mandu (파멸의 만두 “Dumplings of Doom”)
French La destruction du ravioli (“The Destruction of the Ravioli”)
German Zerstörerische Teigtasche (“Destructive Dumplings”)
Hebrew הרס כופתאות (“Dumpling​ Destruction”)


  • This is the second episode to be released before it reaches China.
  • This episode was adapted into a comic book in Monkie Kid Comic Story 7.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Monkey Cop, which was first teased on MK's employment contract in "Impossible Delivery".
    Monkie Kid-S2Ep2-02-01.jpeg
  • The text featured on the scroll Monkey King presents to the Celestial Beings is written in oracle bone script, the earliest known form of Chinese writing.
  • The story Tang tells about Guanyin and the vase is referencing Red Boy's chapter from Journey to the West.


  • Sean Schemmel is credited for voicing Syntax in this episode, despite the character not speaking.

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