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Note: Due to Monkie Kid not being a direct representation to Journey to the West,[1] this article will be primarily about the Gold and Silver Demons' appearance within Monkie Kid. For information about them in Journey to the West, click here.
“We heard about the great Monkie Kid and knew that you'd be a worthy adversary.”
“Yes. And through cunning and guile, we called out to you, and you foolishly…answer.”
Yin and Jin[src]

The Gold and Silver Demons (also known as the Horn Demons) are two Demons that the Monkey King once fought.


Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

When MK arrived at a temple in Flower Fruit Mountain, he saw an illustration of the Gold and Silver Demons and the Monkey King's other adversaries.


The Gold and Silver Demons trapped MK in the Calabash and tried to prevent him from knowing the truth by making everything in the Calabash seem perfect. However, after MK broke himself free, the Gold and Silver Demons told him about themselves before leaving.

The Great Wall Race

The Gold and Silver Demons were going to participate in the Great Wall Race against the racers, but dropped out after the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan joined. They then became the race's spokespersons and changed the racetrack.

Revenge of the Spider Queen

During New Year's, the Gold and Silver Demons were trapped in the Spider Queen's webs to power the Arachnoid Base, along with other demons she has captured. However, after the Monkey King managed to get DBK mad enough to free himself from the spider webs, the Gold and Silver Demons were freed as well.

Sweet 'n' Sour

Speedy Panda, the restaurant owned by the Gold and Silver Demons, challenged Pigsy's Noodles to Food Wars. Although they were able to win the first round, they eventually lost the second round. When the Gold and Silver Demons used the Panda Bot for Food Wars' third challenge, they learned that Speedy Panda became bankrupt due to all their money being spent on the Panda Bot.




  • In the Chinese novel, Journey to the West, the Gold and Silver Demons are known as the "Gold and Silver Horned Kings" instead.
    • In the novel the Gold and Silver Demons were two demon brothers and kings based in the Lotus Cave, up-upon Flat Peak Mountain.


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