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The Great Wall Race is an annual race in China.


After getting into a argument, MK and Mei challenge each other at who's the better racer. As the race was about to start, they meet up with Red Son and the Gold and Silver Demons. However, when the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan joined, majority of the racers and the commentator fled, giving Jin and Yin a chance of being the commentators and change the racetrack.

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While the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan had to quit the race after being briefly stuck in a mountain, MK and Mei were able to cross the finish line after creating the Cloud Roadster and beat Red Son, becoming the winners of the Great Wall Race.


After the race ended, Red Son claimed that he should've won the race to MK and Mei. However, he and MK soon realized that Peach of Immortality was actually just a regular trophy, and the "immortality" actually represents the winner having a picture taken of them on the Great Wall.


These are the competitors of the Great Wall Race in order of their appearance:


Position: 1st
Participant(s): MK and Mei
Vehicle: The Cloud Roadster
Cause of elimination: N/A

Position: 2nd
Participant(s): Red Son
Vehicle: The race car
Cause of elimination: Losing his race car after being hit by the Cloud Roadster.

Position: 3rd
Participant(s): The Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan
Vehicle: The dump truck
Cause of elimination: Forfeited.


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Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Táo bēi lālìsài (桃杯拉力赛, “Peach Cup Rally”)


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