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“Legend say Monkey King sought help from Guanyin to defeat a demon I don't remember the name of. She used a vase that contained pure water, enough to flood a whole mountain range.”

Guanyin's vase is a magic vase that contains pure water, which was given to Monkey King by Guanyin to defeat a demon.


Dumpling Destruction

While looking for something that could stop the Celestial Dumpling from crashing into Megapolis, Tang explained Guanyin's vase to MK, and said that they should use it to stop the dumpling. After Huntsman left with the Demon Revealing Mirror, Tang briefly picked Guanyin's vase. However, thinking that he picked up the wrong one, Tang later picked up a different vase, which was later used by him and MK to stop the Celestial Dumpling instead.


  • Hydrokinesis - Guanyin's vase can create, shape, and manipulate water.


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