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“Take in everything, choose what you want to do, and then do it. That is focus.”
— The Monkey King to MK

Impossible Delivery is the seventh episode of Season 1 and the seventh episode overall of Monkie Kid.


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Pigsy challenges MK to deliver an order in an allotted time. MK goes through obstacles that challenge his focus in order to accomplish his goal.[1]


After the Monkey King was able to beat MK during the latter's training, he tells MK that he's getting better and that they just need to work on his focus, causing MK to disagree, by saying he doesn't need to work on his focus. Monkey King then tells MK that focusing is doing one thing someone wants to do and do it, but MK contradicts by saying that the former's advice makes no sense whatsoever. Although, after being told that he can't handle real focus, MK makes a promise that he'll focus on the next thing he does.

Later at Pigsy's Noodles, MK meets up with an enraged Pigsy, who was angry at MK for not delivering several noodles. Having enough of MK's foolishness, Pigsy tells MK that he's fired. However, when MK begged Pigsy to give him one more chance, Pigsy agreed, but promised that he'll replace him with a robot known as the "Deliverybot 9000" if he messed up again.

During the delivery, MK tries to concentrate but gets distracted by the Anti-Gravity Arcade and the Shapeshifter Demons until he subconsciously creates two paths, one that looks the same and another with vines, evil trees, and corpses. After taking the second path, MK gets squeezed by the vines, but then remembers Monkey King's words and breaks through the forest.

Eventually, MK was able to deliver the noodles to the Monkey King's temple, where he realised that the Monkey King bought the noodles to teach him a lesson about focusing, even though he didn't. However, MK was shocked to learn that he actually delivered the wrong noodles to the Monkey King.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
Jack De Sena MK
Sean Schemmel Monkey King









Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Jíxiàn kuàidì (极限 快递 “Extreme Express”)
  • Taiwanese: Bù Kěnéng De Wài Sòng Tiǎozhàn (不可能的外送挑戰 Impossible Delivery Challenge)
  • Cantonese: Bat1 ho2 nang4 dik1 sung3 ngoi6 maai6 jam6 mou6 (不可能的送外賣任務 Impossible Delivery Mission)
  • Korean: Bulganeunghan baedal (불가능한 배달 “Impossible Delivery”)
  • Japanese: Shūchū! Shūchū! ! Jigoku no demae shugyō (集中!集中!!地獄の出前修行 “Concentrate! Concentrate!! Delivery Training in Hell”)
  • French: Une livraison impossible (”An Impossible Delivery”)
  • German: Unmögliche Zustellung (“Impossible Delivery”)


Characters' roles


  • MK serves as the focused character of this episode.
    • After told that he needed to focus more, MK tried to focus on his delivery, otherwise, he would be replaced with the Deliverybot 9000 by Pigsy.
  • The Monkey King and Pigsy play prominent roles in this episode.
    • After training with MK, the Monkey King tells him that he needs to be more focused on his tasks rather than what's around him. Later on, Monkey King was proud of MK when he was able to focus on his delivery, despite delivering the wrong noodles.
    • After MK wasn't able to deliver 200 noodles, Pigsy intended to fired MK after having enough of his foolishness. However, Pigsy was convinced to give MK one more chance, but stated that he'll replace MK with the Deliverybot 9000 if he messed up again.


  • Although the episode didn't feature a main villain, the Shapeshifter Demons served as minor villains in this episode. They tried to capture MK during his delivery.


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