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“Well, I can't use mine. It's busted!”
Red Son[src]

The Inferno Jet was a jet that belonged to Red Son.


Revenge of the Spider Queen

Red Son used the Inferno Jet to escape from the Spider Queen, who was using her Spider-Bots to take control of the civilians. He later used the Inferno Jet to escape from Syntax's missiles and ends up running to MK's team. After Sandy destroyed the jet by punching it, Red Son attempted to take the Team Dronecopter from MK and the others due to the Inferno Jet's destruction.

LEGO® Building Instructions' description

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Danger! Red Son is attacking Flower Fruit Mountain in his powerful Inferno Jet. Dash to the scene with Monkie Kid and protect the sacred mountain. Dodge the jet’s spring-loaded shooters and fend off Bull Clone Bob, flying in with his jetpack. You must stop Red Son from taking The Golden Staff. If he grabs it with his Power Glove, he will be unstoppable!



Monkie Kid

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Dìyù Huǒjiàn (地獄火箭 “Hell Rocket”)
  • Japanese: Burasutā Jetto (ブラスター・ジェット “Blaster Jet”)



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