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“You think I drive anything that doesn't at least have one complex transformation?”
Red Son[src]

The Inferno Truck was a large, heavy motor vehicle used by Red Son.


Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

When MK escaped with the Golden Staff, Red Son uses his Inferno Truck to go after him. The truck eventually stuck in a narrow street, letting MK outran Red Son the second time on his Cloud Board. Red Son eventually abandoned it and uses the cockpit of the truck, a race car instead.

Skeleton Key

Red Son used the Inferno Truck to escape with the Skeleton Key after taking it from MK and Mei. Mei later used her bike to chase down Red Son. After Red Son ejected the race car out of the Inferno Truck to get Mei off of his tail, Mei jumped out of her bike and destroyed the Inferno Truck with the Dragon Blade.

LEGO® Building Instructions' description

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The heat is on! Red Son and the Bull Clones are robbing the Speedy Panda store . They’ve blown up the ATM and are dragging it away with Red Son’s Inferno Truck. Speed to the scene with Monkie Kid in Pigsy’s delivery tuk-tuk. Dodge shots from the truck’s rapid shooter and cannons. Team up with Mei to rescue store owner Lee, then battle Bull Clones Snort, Grunt and Roar to reclaim the stolen cash.


  • Cannons - The Inferno Truck was able to shoot two power cells out of its cannons.
  • Race car - Due to being a separate vehicle of its own, the race car was able to eject itself out of the Inferno Truck's cockpit.



Monkie Kid

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Xié huǒ zhàn chē (邪火戰車 “Evil Fire Chariot”)
  • Japanese: Inferunotorakku (インフェルノトラック “Inferno Truck”)
  • Korean: Inpeleuno Teuleog (인페르노 트럭 “Inferno Truck”)



Official media

In Monkie Kid

Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

Skeleton Key

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