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The Iron Bull Tanks were vehicles that were owned by the Bull Clones.


Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

The Bull Clones used an Iron Bull Tank to attack MK's team.

Bad Weather

The Bull Clones used the Iron Bull Tanks while Red Son taking control of Megapolis' Weather Station.

The End is Here!

The Bull Clones used an Iron Bull Tank to prevent MK's team from entering the Flaming Foundry.

LEGO® Building Instructions' description

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Emergency! Bull Clones Grunt and Roar are launching an attack in their powerful Iron Bull Tank. Team up with Monkie Kid and big Sandy to defend Megapolis. Dodge shots from the tank’s six-stud rapid shooter. And watch out for rolling oil barrels! Launch a counterattack using Monkie Kid’s Golden Staff and Sandy’s Crescent Staff. You must be brave and show all your creativity to win this battle!


Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Niú Mó Ànhēi Zhàn Chē (牛魔暗黑戰車 “Bull Demon Dark Chariot”)
  • Korean: Aieon Bul Taengkeu (아이언 불 탱크 “Iron Bull Tank”)


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