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Note: Due to Monkie Kid not being a direct representation to Journey to the West,[1] this article will be primarily about Jin's appearance within Monkie Kid. For information about him in Journey to the West, click here.
“Yeah, and totally unrelated, we're the new commentators. And to spice things up, we've gone ahead and altered the racetrack.”
— Jin[src]

Jin (also known as the Gold Horn Demon) is Yin's brother and one of the many Demons that the Monkey King once fought.


Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

When MK arrived at a temple in Flower Fruit Mountain, he saw an illustration of the Gold Horn Demon and the Monkey King's other adversaries.

Prior to Calabash

Sometime after MK defeated the Demon Bull King, Jin and Yin heard about MK and knew that he would be a perfect adversary to them. So Jin and Yin made MK delivered noodles to their hideout so they can trap him in the Calabash.


After making the Mei's Calabash counterpart fall in love with MK, Jin attempts to fix his mistake but was stopped by Yin, who thinks that Jin is just going to tell MK that everything's perfect again. Moments later, Jin uses the Calabash again to fix his mistake.

When MK found the Golden Staff in the Calabash, Jin and Yin used the Calabash counterparts of MK's Team, the Monkey King, and Mo to convince MK not to take the staff. However, after Jin realized that cats can't talk, he and Yin used the counterparts to prevent MK from taking the staff but failed.

Once MK broke free from the Calabash, Jin and Yin told him about themselves and how he got trapped in the Calabash. Although, when MK attempt to fight them, Jin and Yin escaped.

The Great Wall Race

After MK joined the Great Wall Race, Jin and Yin remind him that they are in the race as well. However, once the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan joined, Yin and Jin quit the race and became the announcers.

During the race, Jin and Yin commented on the racers and what they did until MK and Mei won the Great Wall Race.

Revenge of the Spider Queen

During New Year's, Jin was trapped in one of the Spider Queen's webs to power the Arachnoid Base, along with Yin and the other demons the Spider Queen captured. However, after the Monkey King managed to get DBK mad enough to free himself from the spider webs, Jin was freed as well.

Sweet 'n' Sour

The rival restaurant to Pigsy's Noodles, Speedy Panda, challenges Pigsy and MK to Food Wars. Jin, along with Yin, are revealed to be the owners of Speedy Panda. They compete against Pigsy's cooking by attempting to sabotage his meals, and by using fast, microwavable dinners as their own meals.


Like his brother, Jin likes to frighten other people who are unaware of him so he can make them think as a major threat, as he was scared of MK at first when he broke free from the Calabash but acted intimidating after MK questioned who he was.

In "The Great Wall Race", it was revealed that Jin likes to take control of competitions so he and his brother can make things difficult for the participants rather than win, as the Gold and Silver Horn Demons wanted to compete in the Great Wall Race so they can win at first but decided to become the announcers and change the course when the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan joined the race.



Jin looks like his brother except he is an orange-skinned demon with orange horns and golden hair.


Jin wears a black armor collar, cross straps with a gold emblem, and black pants.


Minifigure Show Differences
Gold Horn Demon Minifigure.jpeg MinifigurePlaceHolder.png On his minifigure, Jin has the Chinese letter for "gold" in the golden plate.




Main article: Calabash

The Calabash was an ancient relic that allowed the user to imprison the Calabash's victims in a simulation. It was used by Jin and Yin to trap MK and imprison him there.


Via the Calabash

  • Reality Warping - With the Calabash, Jin was able to control the simulation that was within the Calabash and the people (except the Calabash's victim) inside.



  • Yin - Yin is Jin's brother. Despite being brothers, the two often argue whenever they're planning on something.


  • Speedy Panda drivers (formerly) - At some point in time, Jin and Yin hired the Speedy Panda drivers to help them put Pigsy's Noodles out of business. However, after Speedy Panda became bankrupt, the Speedy Panda drivers turned against Jin and Yin after realizing that they weren't getting paid.


  • Monkey King - The Monkey King is one of Jin's enemies.
  • MK's team - MK's Team is one of the known enemies of Jin. In "Calabash", it was revealed that Jin and Yin are aware of MK's Team for some time, as they both wanted MK to be a worthy adversary to them.
    • MK - MK is one of Jin's enemies. When Jin and Yin first heard about MK, they both knew that he would be a perfect enemy for them. So they trapped MK in the Calabash and tried to prevent him from knowing what was happening.
    • Mei - Mei is one of Jin's enemies. Despite knowing that they're just friends, Jin thinks of Mei as a potential love interest for MK, as he used the Calabash counterparts of Mei and Monkey King to make MK fall in love with Mei.


Names on other languages

  • Chinese: Jīn Jiǎo Dàwáng (金角大王 “Golden Horn King”)
  • Japanese: Kin (キン)


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  • In "Noodles or Death", two cocooned individuals that share the same personality as Jin and Yin made a cameo when Pigsy and Tang were captured by the Spider Queen. However, it's unknown if the two were the Gold and Silver Demons or two other characters.

In Journey to the West

  • In Journey to the West, Jin and Yin were two demon brothers (with Jin being the oldest) and kings based in the Lotus Cave, up-upon Flat Peak Mountain.
  • In the Chinese novel, Journey to the West, Jin is known as the "Golden Horned King" instead.



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Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

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