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The name of this article is conjectural. While an official name was technically given in the credits for "The End is Here!", this page is named Lady Bone Demon's hostess for convenience and consistency with other articles.
“I helped you. I thought you were-”
“A helpless girl? Oh, yes. My disguises have fooled many. This body in particular is quite useful…for now.”
MK and Lady Bone Demon

Lady Bone Demon's hostess is a little girl that lives in the city. After the Battle of the Flaming Foundry, the little girl was possessed by Lady Bone Demon, becoming her hostess.


The End is Here!

Sometime after MK defeated the Demon Bull King, the little girl tried to get her cat down. However, when her cat ran away, she was later possessed by Lady Bone Demon.

Under Lady Bone Demon's control

As a result of being possessed, the little girl was used as Lady Bone Demon's vessel and for her deeds.



Lady Bone Demon's hostess is a little girl that has long black hair with bangs.


Lady Bone Demon's hostess wears a dark sea green long-sleeved jacket over a white shirt, a pink skirt, and white shoes. She also wears a pink hairband.


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