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Note: Due to LEGO Monkie Kid not being a direct representation to Journey to the West,[1] this article will be primarily about Lao Tzu's appearance within LEGO Monkie Kid. For information about Lao Tzu in Journey to the West, click here.
“The pills of the Great Master, Lao Tzu. Monkey King stole, heh, borrowed some of those, too. They must be in Lao Tzu's alchemy lab.”

Lao Tzu is a god that lives in the Celestial Realm.



Lao Tzu is an immortal god with a long white beard, mustache, and hair. His eyebrows are also white, and has a red diamond-shaped symbol on his forehead.


Lao Tzu dresses in a white and orange robe with black trimming and has golden-colored shoulder pads. He also wears a crown that resembles a lotus flower.


Monkie Kid

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Tàishàng Lǎojūn (太上老君)




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