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Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
Special June 13, 2020 (Malaysia) (Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born)
1 10 September 13, 2020 (Malaysia) (Bad Weather) October 3, 2020 (Malaysia) (The End is Here!)
Special March 27, 2021 (Malaysia) (Revenge of the Spider Queen)
2 10 May 1, 2021 (Australia) (Sleep Bug) TBA (TBA)


Season 1

No. In Series No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate Prod. code
1 1 Bad Weather.jpeg "Bad Weather" September 13, 2020 (Malaysia) 101
Red Son takes over the 'Weather Station', a prestigious club that allows its members to control the weather in different parts of the city.
2 2 Duplicatnation.jpeg "Duplicatnation" September 13, 2020 (Malaysia) 102
MK decides to create clones so he can stay home and play video games. But he doesn't really know how to use his powers so the clones wreak havoc.
3 3 Coming Home.jpeg "Coming Home" September 19, 2020 (Malaysia) 103
When Mei, a member of the Dragon Family, and MK house sit, DBK's minions attempt to infiltrate the house and steal the legendary Dragon Blade.
4 4 Noodles or Death.jpeg "Noodles or Death" September 19, 2020 (Malaysia) 104
When Pigsy is taken hostage by the Spider Queen, Sandy, MK, Mei and Mo must take their race boat down into the sewers and free their friends.
5 5 Calabash (Episode).jpeg "Calabash" September 26, 2020 (Malaysia) 105
MK wakes up to a perfect life... too perfect. He realises he's living in an illusion brought on by being trapped in the nefarious Calabash.
6 6 The Great Wall Race.jpeg "The Great Wall Race" September 26, 2020 (Malaysia) 106
Mei and MK enter a street race that will grant the winner "immortality" but a disagreement has them competing against each other.
7 7 Impossible Delivery.jpeg "Impossible Delivery" September 27, 2020 (Malaysia) 107
Pigsy challenges MK to deliver an order in an allotted time. MK goes through obstacles that challenge his focus in order to accomplish his goal.
8 8 Skeleton Key (Episode).jpeg "Skeleton Key" September 27, 2020 (Malaysia) 108
MK holds the key to an ancient gate that DBK's family wants to unlock. It's a game of cat and mouse as the family tries to get the key from our heroes.
9 9 Macaque (Episode).jpeg "Macaque" October 3, 2020 (Malaysia) 109
An old enemy of the Monkey King tries to siphon the Monkey King's powers from MK in order to defeat his fabled arch nemesis.
10 10 The End is Here!.jpeg "The End is Here!" October 3, 2020 (Malaysia) 110
When MK discovers DBK has taken over the city, he must use everything he's learned to defeat the family that causes him so much trouble!

Season 2

No. In Series No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate Prod. code
11 1 Sleep Bug.png "Sleep Bug" May 1, 2021 (Australia) 201
A new game sweeps across the city, but instead of fun and frivolity, the game is a virus that knocks out everyone who plays it.
12 2 Dumpling Destruction.png "Dumpling Destruction" May 1, 2021 (Australia) 202
MK gets a call from Monkey King who has accidentally knocked over a 'Celestial Dumpling'.
13 3 Pig Pong Panic.png "Pig Pong Panic" May 8, 2021 (Australia) 203
Pigsy has replaced the Monkey Mech game with Ping Pong and gets wildly addicted.
14 4 Sweet'n Sour.png "Sweet'n Sour" May 8, 2021 (Australia) 204
Speedy Panda stores have appeared everywhere along with their biker gang delivery boys.
15 5 Minor Scale.jpg "Minor Scale" May 15, 2021 (Australia) 205
MK accidentally shrinks himself and falls down the drain, into the sewers, and finds himself back in the lair of the Spider Queen.
16 6 Game On.jpg "Game On" May 15, 2021 (Australia) 206
MK finds a VR video game that emulates the Monkey King's battles.
17 7 TBA TBA 207
18 8 TBA TBA 208
19 9 TBA TBA 209
20 10 TBA TBA 210

Season 3

No. In Series No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate Prod. code
21 1 TBA TBA 301


No. In Series Title Card Title Airdate
Special Monkie Kid- A Hero Is Born.jpeg "Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born" June 13, 2020 (Malaysia)
After the release of the Demon Bull King, MK accidentally grabs Monkey King's magical staff and goes on a journey to return it.
No. In Series Title Card Title Airdate
Special Revenge of the Spider Queen Title Card.jpeg "Revenge of the Spider Queen" March 27, 2021 (Malaysia)
The ancient and evil Spider Queen emerges from her lair. With the help of a "shadowy" figure, the Spider Queen is SUPERCHARGED, using her power to capture Monkey King and Demon Bull King. It's up to MK and his team to track down ingredients for an antidote to cure the citizens and free the city.
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