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“Nothing is impossible if you just believe in yourself. Make no mistake. You just got M.K.O.!”
— MK

MK, also known as the Monkie Kid, is a noodle delivery boy and the successor of the Monkey King.

Official Description

Our Main Hero

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When MK, or Monkie Kid™, isn't delivering the BEST noodles in town for his friend Pigsy's Noodle Shop, playing video games or collecting cool Monkey King keepsakes, he fights ancient demons with his friends.


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

After being told a story about the Monkey King's battle with the Demon Bull King, MK talks about his obsession with the Monkey King and gives Tang a free bowl of noodles in return. However, Pigsy stops him and tells MK to start delivering noodles, as he had been slacking off. When MK drove the Tuk-Tuk to a construction site, he overhears Princess Iron Fan and Red Son's intentions until they freed the Demon Bull King. MK accidentally interrupts the Demon Bull Family and uses the Golden Staff to defend himself from them. After being told to hand over the staff, MK disagrees and escapes thanks to the staff's power.

After escaping with the staff, MK is chased by Red Son through the city streets and is narrowly saved by Mei. The two reunite and MK decides to bring the staff back to the noodle shop. Tang, as well as Pigsy and Mei don't believe that the staff is anything more than a stick until MK accidentally activates it and breaks a table, sending Tang into disbelief. After finding out that the Demon Bull King is gaining power, the group decides to head to Flower Fruit Mountain to return the staff to the Monkey King. The team realize the journey will be dangerous, prompting Pigsy to bring MK and the rest of the group to one of his old friends, Sandy. Sandy brings them to the mountain by barge but they are stopped along the way by Princess Iron Fan, who defeats MK and sends him flying into fiery rocks.

After waking up, MK realizes that he has ended up in Flower Fruit Mountain, and discovers an ancient temple containing the origins of the Monkey King. When MK meets the Monkey King in person, he apologizes to him for losing the Golden Staff until the Monkey King told MK that he's been watching him for a while, as he wanted MK to be his successor. When the Monkey King told him to believe in himself and get the Golden Staff back, he returns to the city by using the Cloud Jet. He manages to get back to the city, but ends up crashing the jet into Red Son, who was about to do battle with his team. After reuniting with the others, MK says that it's up to them to save the city from the Demon Bull Family and Bull Clones. MK uses the Speed Bike against the Demon Bull King to go inside his armor and retrieve the Golden Staff. MK manages to retrieve the staff and briefly overpower the Demon Bull King, but is unable to imprison him again. Remembering what the Monkey King said, MK creates the Monkey King Warrior Mech and defeats the Demon Bull King with it.

After defeating the Demon Bull Family and Bull Clones, MK and his team decide to celebrate by going out for noodles.

Season 1

Bad Weather

A week later, MK and the others were having time off at Sandy's Cargo Ship. However, when a crate falls on MK, he starts bragging that he's invincible. When Mei says that MK should get a secret base, MK and the others follow her inside the cargo ship to see their new headquarters, the Sea-Crate HQ.

When MK and others notices that Red Son took of the Weather Station, he others head to the Weather Station to stop him. However, due to him still not having complete control of his powers, MK accidentally knocks himself out of the Weather Station.

Moments later, MK meets the Monkey King again and asks for his help, but only for the Monkey King to disagree and tells him that he needs self-confidence to control his powers. However, when MK says that the city and his friends are counting on him, the Monkey King says that he's able to limit MK's powers, but at the cost of him losing his invincibility, which MK agrees to.

After the Monkey King limited MK's powers, the latter was able to defeat Red Son and the Bull Clones as well as restoring the city's weather. MK then tells the others that he'll practice more to get better control of his powers.


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Coming Home

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Noodles or Death

At the Sea-Crate HQ, MK comes in to tell Mei and Sandy that Pigsy is missing, as his noodle shop is closed. When Mei checks the camera she installed in Tang, MK realises that Tang is also missing and that Pigsy and Tang were actually kidnapped by the Spider Queen. Frightened, MK mentions his arachnophobia until Sandy says it's up to them to save Pigsy and Tang from the Spider Queen.

Later, MK and the others ventured across the Silken Web Cave by using Sandy's Speedboat to rescue Pigsy and Tang, but only for MK to get chased by the Spider Queen after they were ambushed. Once MK was confronted by the Spider Queen, a piece of his hair was taken by her and was told that he'll be the one that will help her regain her throne. However, MK's Team returned and attempt to rescue MK, but only for the Spider Queen to attack MK again until she unintentionally caused a giant hole in the ground, causing MK and the others to fall down. Fortunately, Sandy was able to rescue MK and the others by using his speedboat and escape from the Spider Queen.


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The Great Wall Race

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Impossible Delivery

After MK was done training with the Monkey King, the latter tells MK about his lack of focus, but MK disagrees and returns to the noodle shop, where he has many orders to delivery for Pigsy and if he doesn't, Pigsy will fire him and replace him with the Deliverybot 9000.

During the delivery, MK tries to focus but gets distracted over and over again until he subconsciously creates two paths, one that looks the same and another with vines, evil trees, and corpses. After taking the second path, MK gets squeezed by the vines, which makes him remember Monkey King's words and breaks through the forest.

Eventually, MK was able to deliver the noodles to the Monkey King's temple and then realized that Monkey King bought the noodles to teach MK how to focus, even though he didn't. However, MK was surprised that he actually delivered the wrong noodles to the Monkey King.

Skeleton Key

At Pigsy's Noodles, the Mayor gives the Key to the City to MK and tells him about the powers of the key, to unlock any known lock.

After receiving the key, MK and Mei used it to go to several places in the city and have fun until MK realizes what the key is really capable of. Unfortunately, after MK and Mei pulls a prank on Pigsy by using the key, Red Son steals the key from MK and escapes by using his Inferno Truck. Although, when Mei went to go after Red Son, MK used the Golden Staff to follow them.

When Red Son was able to outrun Mei, MK used the Golden Staff to stop Red Son and get the key back. However, when MK questions Red Son on why he wants the key, Princess Iron Fan arrives and engages in a brief fight with MK and Mei until Red Son gets the key back.


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The End is Here!

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MK can be described as a typical teenage boy. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing videogames, and is often easily distracted when it comes to his job. More than anything, MK is fanboy Monkey King, knowing everything of his background and heroism in his journey to the west. Upon gaining the Monkey King's Golden Staff, MK seeks to become hero like the Monkey King every way. However, he tends lose focus on the task at hand, and can be impatient when to comes to the Monkey King's training, wanting to learn action moves rather than learn a lesson.

Despite his shortcomings, MK is cares a lot about his friends and is willing to fight any foe to defend them.

He also has severe arachnophobia.


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  • Staff Proficiency - While not on the same skill level as the Monkey King, MK has shown to adept in using the Golden Staff, albeit with some difficulties such as being initially unable to control its size.
  • Vehicle Intuition - MK has extraordinary skill in operating vehicles.


  • Replication - MK has the ability to make multiple copies of himself by using some of his strains of hair.

Via the Golden Staff

  • Materialization - As shown in "Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born", it was revealed that MK has the power to create anything out of the other things.

Former Abilities

  • Invincibility - MK was immune to any forms of physical damage.


Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Qí Xiǎotiān (齐小天)


  • In the Chinese dub, MK's name is Qí Xiǎotiān (齐小天).
    • The surname Qí (齐) is the simplified character for 齊.
    • Tiān (天) means sky.
    • Both these characters come from Sun Wukong/Monkey King's title: "The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal" or Qítiān Dàshèng (齊天大聖).
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