“Nothing is impossible if you just believe in yourself. Make no mistake. You just got M.K.O.!”
— MK

MK is a noodle delivery boy and the successor of the Monkey King. When MK learns that the Demon Bull King was freed from his imprisonment, he, along with Mei, Pigsy, Tang, and Sandy, went on a quest to give the Golden Staff back to the Monkey King, in hopes that he can defeat the Demon Bull King again. However, when MK went to the Flaming Mountains with Mei and Pigsy, he was presumably killed by Princess Iron Fan. But when MK realized that he ended up in Flower Fruit Mountain, he meets Monkey King and was inspired by him to believe in himself and take the Golden Staff back. When MK returned to the city, he reunites with friends and celebrated with them after defeating the Demon Bull King, earning the title Monkie Kid.

A week later, MK continued to battle demons as well as facing difficult challenges. Although, when the Demon Bull King freed Lady Bone Demon from her tomb, MK teams up with Princess Iron Fan and Red Son to free DBK from Lady Bone Demon's control and became successful.

When the Spider Queen and her robotic spiders started taking control of the civilians at New Year's, MK wasn't sure what to do after Monkey King got captured by her. However, when Red Son says he can find an antidote that can cure the citiznes, MK and the rest of his team teamed up with him to travel to the Celestial Realm to and retrive the Celestial Artifacts.

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When MK, or Monkie Kid™, isn't delivering the BEST noodles in town for his friend Pigsy’s Noodle Shop, playing video games or collecting cool Monkey King keepsakes, he fights ancient demons with his friends.


MK can be described as a typical teenage boy. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing videogames, and is often easily distracted when it comes to his job. More than anything, MK is a fanboy of the Monkey King, knowing everything of his background and heroism in his journey to the west. Upon gaining the Monkey King's Golden Staff, MK seeks to become hero like the Monkey King every way. However, he tends lose focus on the task at hand, and can be impatient when to comes to the Monkey King's training, wanting to learn action moves rather than learn a lesson.

Despite his shortcomings, MK is cares a lot about his friends and is willing to fight any foe to defend them.

He also has severe arachnophobia.

Appearance & Variants


MK is a young teenager who has spiky black hair and wears a red bandana round it to keep his hair up.


  • Casual: In his casual clothing, MK wears an orange jacket with a white shirt along with red pants and black and white boots.
    • Pre-Season 2: MK's jacket features a smiling monkey face on the back, and his shirt has a black, white, and red circle on it. When MK was under Macaque's influence, the monkey logo on his jacket was changed to look like Macaque.
    • Current: In Season 2, MK's jacket will feature a dark turquoise-colored hood and the smiling monkey face will be pictured in the front instead of the back. His shirt will also replaced with a white and dark turquoise undershirt.
  • Uniform: In his uniform, MK retains his bandana and pants. But wears a plain white shirt with a white dress shirt that has the Pigsy's Noodles' insignia on the back of it.
  • Sleepwear: As his sleepwear, MK puts on a white shirt that features a smiling monkey in the fronts and wears red shorts that have white stripes of the sides.
  • Swimwear: TBA


Minifigure Show Differences
MK Minifigure 2.png Casual MK.jpeg MK's Minifigure has the Chinese letter for "sky" on the left side of his shirt while a red rectangle with white squares is featured on the right.
MK Minifigure 3.jpeg Uniform MK.jpeg MK's Minifigure features a breast pocket and a Pigsy's Noodles' insignia on his white dress shirt.

Weapons & Accessories



Main article: MK's book

MK's book is a red book that contains the history of the Monkey King. The front cover depicts MK and Monkey King.


MK occasionally uses his headphones to listen to music either when delivering noodles or on his free time.


MK's phone.jpeg
MK's phone is a handheld object owned by him. He mainly uses it whenever he delivers noodles.

The Golden Staff


Main article: The Golden Staff

The Golden Staff is legendary staff owned by MK. Originally, it belonged to the Monkey King, who used the staff to imprison the Demon Bull King under a mountain.

Alternate versions

His reflection

LEGO Monkie Kid-RotSQPart3-08-41.jpeg
During his entrapment in Lao Tzu's furnace, MK founded himself hopeless until he saw his reflection, who told him that he's on his own and that he needed to figure a way out by himself. Even though he disagreed at first, MK took his reflection's advice and was able to escape from the furnace.

MK Clones

MK Clones.jpeg

Main article: MK Clones

In "Duplicatnation", after working to hard and staying up all night for a long time, Tang revealed to MK that due to him having Monkey King's powers, he is able to create multiple versions of himself by using strains of his hair.



  • Staff Proficiency - While not on the same skill level as the Monkey King, MK has shown to adept in using the Golden Staff, albeit with some difficulties such as being initially unable to control its size.
  • Vehicle Intuition - MK has extraordinary skill in operating vehicles.


  • Replication - MK has the ability to make multiple copies of himself by using some of his strains of hair.

Via the Golden Staff

  • Materialization - As shown in "Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born", it was revealed that MK has the power to create anything out of the other things.

Former abilities

  • Invincibility - MK was immune to any forms of physical damage.



Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Qí Xiǎotiān (齐小天)


  • In the Chinese dub, MK's name is Qí Xiǎotiān (齐小天).
    • The surname Qí (齐) is the simplified character for 齊.
    • Tiān (天) means sky.
    • Both these characters come from Sun Wukong/Monkey King's title: "The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal" or Qítiān Dàshèng (齊天大聖).
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