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“The perfect world is what you make it, so as long as I have my friends by my side, this world is perfect!”
— MK[src]

MK is a noodle delivery boy and the successor of the Monkey King. When MK learns that the Demon Bull King was freed from his imprisonment, he, along with Mei, Pigsy, Tang, and Sandy, went on a quest to give the Golden Staff back to the Monkey King, in hopes that he can defeat the Demon Bull King again. However, when MK went to the Flaming Mountains with Mei and Pigsy, he was presumably killed by Princess Iron Fan. But when MK realized that he ended up in Flower Fruit Mountain, he meets Monkey King and was inspired by him to believe in himself and take the Golden Staff back. When MK returned to the city, he reunites with friends and celebrated with them after defeating the Demon Bull King, earning the title Monkie Kid.

A week later, MK continued to battle demons as well as facing difficult challenges. Although, when the Demon Bull King freed Lady Bone Demon from her tomb, MK teams up with Princess Iron Fan and Red Son to free DBK from Lady Bone Demon's control and became successful.

When the Spider Queen and the Spider-Bots started taking control of the civilians at New Year's, MK wasn't sure what to do after Monkey King got captured by her. However, when Red Son says he can find an antidote that can cure the citizens, MK and the rest of his team teamed up with him to travel to the Celestial Realm to and retrive the Celestial Artifacts.

After Monkey King left to go on vacation, MK began to wonder if the Monkey King picked the wrong successor after learning Lady Bone Demon's identity. Eventually, MK learned that the Spider Queen was being used as a pawn for Lady Bone Demon and attempted to fight her, but lost his powers as a result. However, after MK realized that Monkey King lied about going on vacation and was actually looking for a weapon that could defeat Lady Bone Demon the whole time, he and the others joined him on a quest to look for it so they can beat the Lady Bone Demon.

Official descriptions

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Monkie Kid™ Heroes

Our Main Hero

When MK, or Monkie Kid™, isn’t delivering the BEST noodles in town for his friend Pigsy’s Noodle Shop, playing video games or collecting cool Monkey King keepsakes, he fights ancient demons with his friends.[1]

LEGO® Life Magazine Issue 1 2022

Resourceful and clever, Monkie Kid uses his brains, his sense of humor and the power of the Monkey King staff to defend against dangerous threats of all kinds.[2]


MK is a typical teenage boy.[3][4] He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games, and is often easily distracted when it comes to his job. MK is a fanboy of the Monkey King, knowing almost everything about his background. Upon gaining the Monkey King's Golden Staff, MK seeks to become hero like the Monkey King. However, he tends lose focus on the task at hand, and can be impatient when to comes to his training. He has severe arachnophobia but can overcome it when his life is at stake.

MK cares a lot about his friends and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect and be there for them, even risking his own life just to comfort his best friend after having an emotional breakdown.[5] MK is incredibly empathetic, accepting and encouraging the help of Red Son and Macaque, even though both were his enemies at the time.[6] [7] He believes that you cannot judge something by its worst qualities and that there is perfection in imperfection.

Despite his kind heart, MK is still a bit of a jerk sometimes and hes got an ego.

Monkie Kid-S2Ep5-10-58.jpeg

Monkey King's absence and Lady Bone Demon's interference caused MK's insecurities to grow. He felt that the Monkey King had made a mistake and that he wasn't fit to be his successor. He hides these feelings and becomes distant from his friends in order to protect them. Hes frustrated with Monkey Kings departure in Season 2, though it manifests more as self-doubt than anything else.

MK has admitted that sometimes, he plays dumb to lighten the mood.

In LEGO Brawls (non-canon)

MK is a playable character in LEGO Brawls. He is the first character that can be unlocked after collecting enough Season Trophies in the first week of Season 14 of LEGO Brawls, A Hero is Born. In addition, MK's Hero variant can be unlocked in the final week of Season 14, Team Monkie Kid.


Main article: MK/Designs

MK is a teenager[3][4] with spiky black hair that's kept up by a red bandana. He has thick eyebrows and his minifigure has a chipped tooth.


Minifigure Show Differences
MK Minifigure 2.png MKvector.png MK's Minifigure has the Chinese character for "sky" on the left side of his shirt while a red rectangle with white squares is featured on the right. His bandana has a circlet design on the front as well.
MK Minifigure 3.jpeg Mk im a big boy again.png MK's Minifigure features a breast pocket and a Pigsy's Noodles' insignia on his white dress shirt.
MK Minifigure 12.jpeg MK S3 turn around sheet front facing vector .png MK's minifigure features more pockets on the pants and the shoes are more detailed, with the outsole having white and gold printing. Each side of the jacket also has a breast pocket and the shoulder strap has the Chinese character for "sky".
MK Minifigure 11.jpeg Training MK.jpeg MKs training outfit is practically identical between the minifigure and the show.

Weapons & Accessories


Main article: MK's book

MK's book is a red book that contains the history of the Monkey King. The front cover depicts a drawing of MK and Monkey King.


Main article: MK's headphones

MK occasionally uses his headphones to listen to music either while delivering noodles or on his free time.


MK's phone.jpeg
Main article: MK's phone

MK's phone is a handheld object owned by him. He mainly uses it as a GPS whenever he delivers noodles. It has a noticeably cracked screen.

The Golden Staff

Main article: The Golden Staff

The Golden Staff is legendary staff owned by MK. Originally, it belonged to the Monkey King, who used the staff to imprison the Demon Bull King under a mountain.

However, during his battle with the Lady Bone Demon, MK lost the Golden Staff after his powers were taken. He later gained it back before defeating the Lady Bone Demon.

Alternate versions

His reflection

LEGO Monkie Kid-RotSQPart3-08-41.jpeg
Listen, every time we get in trouble, we turned to Monkey King, or our friends, or someone. They tell us a story and we find that smidge of motivation we need. Well…now we're on our own. It's just…you.
―MK's reflection [src]

During his entrapment in the Trigram Furnace, MK found himself hopeless until he saw his reflection, who told him that he was on his own and that he needed to figure a way out by himself. Even though he struggled at first, MK took his reflection's advice and was able to escape from the furnace.

When the Lady Bone Demon attempted to trick MK into striking the furnace with his staff, his reflection frantically warned him to stop, causing MK to catch onto her ruse.

It's worth noting that MK's reflection is presumably not another living being like his clones, but a representation of his inner thoughts and subconscious for the audiences benefit.

MK Clones

MK Clones.jpeg
Main article: MK Clones

Due to him having the same powers as Monkey King's, MK can create multiple versions of himself by using strains of his hair. Although, MK can only keep the clones docile depending on how well he can control his powers.[8] Otherwise they would overdo what they were told.


Note: Italicized text indicates all of MK's former abilities.


  • Staff proficiency - While not on the same skill level as the Monkey King, MK has shown to adept in using the Golden Staff, albeit with some difficulties such as being initially unable to control its size.
  • Vehicle intuition - MK has extraordinary skill in operating vehicles.
  • Artistry - MK is a talented artist, he enjoys drawing but struggles when drawing Tang.


  • Replication - MK has the ability to make copies of himself by using strands of his hair.
  • Telepathic communication - MK can interact with other people through telepathy, thus being able to talk to another person despite not being in the same place as them.
  • Size alteration - MK can grow or shrink his body.
  • Flaming Fist of Fury - After playing Monkey King's VR video game, MK was able to unlock one of Monkey King's abilities, which can let him ignite his fist and throw various fire punches.
  • Shapeshifting - Like the Monkey King, MK use to shapeshift into one of his 72 forms.
    • Known forms:
      • Bird
      • Gorilla
      • Spider
  • Invincibility - MK was immune to any forms of physical damage. Unlike most of his former powers, which were removed by Lady Bone Demon de-powering him in "This is the End!", this power was removed by Monkey King himself in "Bad Weather" to reduce MK's power to a more manageable level.
  • Gold Vision - Gold vision is a power that allows MK to see through demonic illusions.

Via the Golden Staff

  • Materialization - As shown in "Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born", it was revealed that MK has the power to create anything out of the other things.


Air vehicles

  • Cloud Bike - A hoverbike that can transform between a motorcycle and an aircraft.
  • Cloud Board - A small hoverboard that MK uses at times.
  • Cloud Jet (destroyed) - A red and yellow colored jet that MK used to return to Megapolis after meeting the Monkey King.

Land vehicles



MK is an in-universe nickname, presumably a reference to his title as the Monkie Kid.

His name in the Chinese dubs, Qí Xiǎotiān (齐小天) translates to Together Little Sky. Xiǎo (小) meaning little and Tiān (天) meaning sky. The surname Qí (齐) is the simplified character for 齊. Both these characters come from Monkey King's title: "The Great Sage, Equal to Heaven" or Qítiān Dàshèng (齊天大聖).


Names in other languages

Foreign language Name
Mandarin Qí Xiǎotiān (齐小天)
Cantonese Chai4 Siu2 Tin1 (齊小天)
Taiwanese Qí Xiǎotiān (齊小天)
Japanese Kiddo (キッド “Kid”)
Korean MK
German MK
Spanish Emeka (MK)
Hebrew אם-קיי (MK)

Behind the scenes

  • He is considered to be an enigma by Ashe Jacobson, as most people don't know much of MK, such as his real name and age.[9]
  • Although he is seemingly a teenager,[4] MK's exact age is not confirmed. According to Ashe Jacobson, one reason for this was because the Monkie Kid crew wanted fans to feel like the characters could be any age.[10]


  • The reason he currently goes by "MK" is because his actual name is too long to say.[11]
  • MK's outfit in the first two seasons is heavily based off of Monkey Kings classic outfit.
    • The headband references the circlet, the headphones represent his neckerchief and they both have orange tops as well as black shoes and red pants.
Ashe jacobson pokemon cards MK .jpg
  • According to storyboard director Ashe Jacobson, MK uses he/they pronouns.
    • MK has also, on several occasions, been drawn by storyboarder, Melanie Shin, with the transgender pride flag.[12][13]
  • Up until "Amnesia Rules", MK was the only character to appear in every episode of the series.
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