“Then what are we waiting for? Let's go stop some bad guys.”

MK's Team is a group of Demon Fighters.


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

After the Demon Bull Family were reunited, MK warned Mei, Pigsy, and Tang about the Demon Bull King's freedom. However, they didn't at first and thought he was being delusional until MK used the Golden Staff again.

The next day, MK's team decided to go to Sandy so he can take them to Flower Fruit Mountain. However, they had to go to the Flaming Mountains, where they had the Golden Staff taken from Princess Iron Fan and MK being presumably killed. After MK was thought to be dead, the others were devastated until they decided to defend the City from the Demon Bull Family and Bull Clones, where they reunited with MK. During the battle, MK fought off the Demon Bull King by retrieving the Golden Staff and defeating him with the Monkey King Warrior Mech.

After the Demon Bull Family and Bull Clones were defeated, MK's Team celebrated by going out for noodles.

Season 1

A week later, MK's Team continued to battle the Demon Bull Family and Bull Clones, as well as the Spider Queen, Horn Demons, and Macaque. However, when the Demon Bull King freed the mysterious whisperer from her tomb, he was possessed by her and wreaked havoc across the city.

Fortunately, MK was able to free the Demon Bull King from the mysterious whisperer's possession and save the city once again.





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Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

Season 1

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