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MK, we get. You're the Monkie Kid, eh? It's your job to fight the bad guys.”
“But we're your team, little man. It's our job to get you there.”
“No matter what.”
Pigsy, Sandy, and Mei[src]

MK's team is a group of demon fighters.


Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born


After the Demon Bull Family were reunited, MK warned Mei, Pigsy, and Tang about the Demon Bull King's freedom. However, they didn't at first and thought he was being delusional until MK used the Golden Staff again.

The next day, MK's team decided to go to Sandy so he can take them to Flower Fruit Mountain. However, they had to go to the Flaming Mountains, where they had the Golden Staff taken from Princess Iron Fan and MK being presumably killed. After MK was thought to be dead, the others were devastated until they decided to defend the City from the Demon Bull Family and Bull Clones, where they reunited with MK. During the battle, MK fought off the Demon Bull King by retrieving the Golden Staff and defeating him with the Monkey Mech.

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After the Demon Bull Family and Bull Clones were defeated, MK's team celebrated by going out for noodles.

Season 1

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A week later, MK's team continued to battle the Demon Bull Family and Bull Clones, as well as the Spider Queen, Gold and Silver Demons, and Macaque. However, when the Demon Bull King freed Lady Bone Demon from her tomb, he was possessed by her and wreaked havoc across the city.

Fortunately, MK was able to free the Demon Bull King from Lady Bone Demon's possession and save the city once again.

Revenge of the Spider Queen

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When the Spider Queen corrupted the civilians with her venom at New Year's, MK and the others teamed up with Red Son to travel to the Celestial Realm to retrieve the Celestial Artifacts. With the help of Monkey King and DBK, MK and the others were able to defeat the Spider Queen and cure the citizens, but at the cause of them losing the Trigram Furnace to Lady Bone Demon.

Season 2

After Lady Bone Demon betrayed the Spider Queen by using her to create the bone mech, she used the mech to attack MK while he was training. During the fight, MK attempt to use his powers on the mech, letting Lady Bone Demon become stronger while he remained powerless. Although they failed, MK and the others, along with the Monkey King, go on a quest to find a weapon that could defeat Lady Bone Demon.

Season 3

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Embrace Your Destiny

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Alternate versions

Calabash counterparts

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Main article: MK's team (Calabash)

When MK was trapped in a magical artifact known as the Calabash, he was sent to a simulation where everything's perfect in Megapolis. After ending up there, the Calabash counterparts acted differently compared to MK's team. When MK attempted to take the Golden Staff off the mountain, the rest of the Calabash counterparts act hostile towards him and soon were exposed when Mo's Calabash counterpart talked.


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Maybe it's just me, but these guys don't look too happy about being left in the shadow of the great Monkie Kid.
Macaque [src]

When MK, Mei, Pigsy, and Tang attended a shadow play, Macaque used a magic lantern to imprison all of them except MK in it and take control of their shadows.


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