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“I don't know what to tell you, dude.”
— The Backup Clone

The Backup Clone was one of the many MK Clones that were created by MK.


Prior to The End is Here!

MK created the Backup Clone to help out his team while he went off to train with Macaque.

The End is Here!

After a possessed Demon Bull King took over the city, Tang told MK that the Backup Clone didn't help at all, as he sarcastically said that the clone was "super useful". Seconds later, the Backup Clone exploded.

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Like the real MK, the Backup Clone had spiky black hair with a red bandana around it and wore an orange jacket with a smiling monkey face on the back, as well as a white shirt with a black, white, and red circle in it and red pants with black and white boots.


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