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“Come on! Show me the real Sun Wukong! The old you would have leveled this whole mountain range to stop me, but you're scared of hurting some kid? Pathetic!”
— Macaque

Macaque (short for Six Eared Macaque) is one of the many Demons that the Monkey King once fought. ​


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

When MK arrived at a temple in Flower Fruit Mountain, he saw an illustration of Macaque and the Monkey King's other adversaries.

Not much else is known about Macaque except that he is the Monkey King's evil counterpart who fought him in the past. ​

Season 1


MK believes that he is getting nowhere with his training under the Monkey King and trains under Macaque, not knowing his true intentions. Leading MK on a path to darkness, Macaque tricks MK and succeeds in stealing the power of the Monkey King from him, absorbing it and increasing his power. After a furious battle with the Monkey King, Macaque is defeated by MK, who regains his power. ​


Macaque, befitting his dark appearance and abilities, is a shady individual. He will try to gain the trust of others with promises of power, only to betray them to suit his own ends. As shown during his talk while training MK, he is an aggressive fighter who thinks that people with power should fight without mercy. Macaque, being a rival of the Monkey King, has a desire for power, and seeks to gain the Monkey King's power to become the new Monkey King. Despite his antangonistic relationship with the Monkey King, Macaque seem to respect his strength, demanding him to show the "real" Sun Wukong in battle, and claiming the fact that he would hold back his strength on a kid to be pathetic. ​



Being the Monkey King's evil counterpart, Macaque resembles the Monkey King. However, he bears dark fur covering his body and tail. He also has crimson shading across his dark yellow eyes and thick black eyebrows.


Macaque's clothing consists of a brown, yellow and black gi with a black sash around the waist, and red cape.


Minifigure Show Differences
Macaque Minifigure.jpeg MinifigurePlaceHolder.png TBA


Macaque is a powerful spiritual primate much like the Monkey King and possesses all of his powers abilities to match him a fight.

  • Immortality - Macaque is ageless and immortal, able to live out the centuries and become known in the current times.
  • Immense Physical Attributes - Macaque possesses incredible physical abilities rivaling those of the Monkey King. He yields immense speed, strength, agility and reflexes to take Monkey King in a one on one fight.
  • Immense Combat Skills - Macaque is one of the greatest fighter of series. His skills in hand-to-hand combat make him dangerous opponent for figures as powerful as the Monkey King.
    • Staff Proficiency - Macaque's skill with his dark energy staff match those of the Monkey King's.
  • Dark Chi Manipulation - Macaque appears to control a form of dark Chi energy. He can use this power to strengthen his physical attacks.
    • Shadow Manipulation - With his dark Chi, Macaque can manipulate his own shadow to create shadow clones to mimic the Monkey King's replication ability.
  • Smoke Generation - Macaque can create a massive avatar of his image known as a Smoke Monster.
  • Shapeshifting - Similar to the Monkey King, Macaque can shapeshift into one of his 72 forms.
    • Known Forms:
      • Eagle
      • Wolf



  • In Journey to the West, he is called the "Six Eared Macaque". However, in LEGO Monkie Kid, he is commonly known as "Macaque" while Six Eared Macaque is his full name.



In LEGO Monkie Kid


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

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