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“You have power inside you. Use it. Take the power and destroy! Remember, you don't use a weapon, you are a weapon!”

Macaque is the ninth episode of Season 1 and the ninth episode overall of Monkie Kid.


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An old enemy of the Monkey King tries to siphon the Monkey King's powers from MK in order to defeat his fabled arch nemesis.[1]


LEGO Monkie Kid-S1Ep9-01-01.jpeg
While training with Monkey King, MK began to believed that he is getting nowhere with his training, claiming that he do something else other than hammering. Monkey King, however, states that he's not going to teach MK something if he doesn't need to know it. Suddenly, MK gets a call from Mei, who told him that the Smoke Monster is attacking Megapolis.

When MK returned to the city, he attempted to defeat the Smoke Monster all by himself, but failed. Moments later, MK and Mei see "Monkey King" battling the Smoke Monster and defeated it. When MK realized that "Monkey King" was actually Macaque, he asked him if he can train him, and Macaque accepted. Unbeknownst to MK, Macaque only agreed to he can lead him into a path to darkness.

LEGO Monkie Kid-S1Ep9-05-29.jpeg
After MK began to train with Macaque for some time, the Monkey King began to get suspicious. Meanwhile, Macaque takes MK to where the Smoke Monster resided, claiming that he's now strong enough to defeat it. Although MK thought he couldn't do it at first, he decided to fight the Smoke Monster again after being convinced by Macaque. When he did, the Smoke Monster steals MK's powers and gave them to Macaque, revealing that it was working for him.

Before Macaque could do anymore harm to MK, Monkey King arrives and engages in a furious battle with him, but was stopped when Macaque had his shadow clone pin him down.

LEGO Monkie Kid-S1Ep9-09-53.jpeg
Macaque then used the Smoke Monster as an avatar to finish off MK, but had his punch block by Monkey King. After remembering what Monkey King said about "stepping into the strike", MK uses his remaining strength to lift the Golden Staff and use it to defeat Macaque and destroy the Smoke Monster.
After Macaque was defeated, Monkey King briefly gets mad at MK for going behind his back until the latter apologized, saying that he just wanted to be good like him. Later on, the two began training again, even though Monkey King was actually tricking MK to do chores.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Billy Kametz Macaque
Jack De Sena MK
Sean Schemmel Monkey King
Stephanie Sheh Mei









Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Chénggōng jiéjìng (成功 捷径 “Shortcut to Success”)
  • Taiwanese: Liù ěr míhóu (六耳獼猴 “Six Eared Macaque”)
  • Cantonese: Luk6 ji5 mei4 hau4 (六耳獼猴 “Six Eared Macaque”)
  • Korean: Makakeu (마카크 “Macaque”)
  • Japanese: Aratana shishō! Makaku sanjō (新たな師匠!マカク参上 “New Master! Macaque Visits”)
  • French: Macaque
  • German: Makack (“Macaque”)


  • Macaque makes his physical debut in this episode.
  • This episode was adapted into a comic book in Monkie Kid Comic Story 4.


  • Some sources list the episode title as "The Macaque".[2]

Characters' roles


  • MK serves as the main protagonist of this episode.
    • His training with the Monkey King and Macaque can be seen throughout it and his training with the two is important throughout the episode.
  • The Monkey King plays a prominent role in this episode.
    • He trains MK about being patient and focused more. However, after learning that MK was being trained by Macaque, he saves MK and engages in a fight with Macaque while reminding MK of his training, allowing MK to defeat Macaque.
  • Mei, Pigsy, and Sandy all play minor roles in this episode.


  • Macaque serves as the main antagonist of this episode.
    • He trains MK to get better control of his powers but only for him to betray MK so he can get his powers and become the new Monkey King.


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