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“Today, you can do no wrong. You've got my permission. 'Cause I'm the mayor!”
— The Mayor[src]

The Mayor is an associate of Lady Bone Demon that pretends to be the mayor of Megapolis.


Early Life

At some point before her entrapment, the Lady Bone Demon created the Mayor to help her with her plan to destroy Monkey King.[1]

Skeleton Key

While the Demon Bull Family were close into unlocking Lady Bone Demon's tomb, the Mayor gave the Skeleton Key to MK and told him that it can open any known lock, including Lady Bone Demon's tomb. Once the Mayor left, Mei began to get skeptical about him.

Shadow Play

While MK's team was attending in a shadow play, MK and Mei recognized the Mayor, who was attending in the play as well. Later on, the Mayor confronted Macaque to take the magic lantern.

72 Transformations

Once the Lady Bone Demon realized that she no longer needed the Spider Queen, she ordered the Mayor to get rid of the Spider Queen's henchmen.

This is the End!

The Mayor helped Lady Bone Demon create the bone mech by putting in the remaining ingredients into the Trigram Furnace, including the Spider Queen.


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Appearance & Variants


The Mayor has blackish-gray hair with a horizontal light blue streak.


  • Mayor: The Mayor wears a black suit with blue stipes on the lounge jacket and the lapels, and wears a light blue shirt and a dark blue tie underneath.
  • Behemoth: Although he only appeared in silhouette, the Mayor true appearance is a behemoth that resembles a demonic being.


Skeleton Key

LEGO Monkie Kid-S1Ep8-02-15.jpeg

Main article: Skeleton Key (Key)

The Skeleton Key is a mystical key that has the ability to open any lock. While the Demon Bull Family were close into unlocking Lady Bone Demon's tomb, the Mayor gave the Skeleton Key to MK and briefly told him that it can also open Lady Bone Demon's tomb.


Monkie Kid

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Shì Zhǎng (市长 “Mayor”)
  • Japanese: Shichō (市長 “Mayor”)
  • Korean: Sijang (시장 “Mayor”)


Skeleton Key

Thank you for this amazing turnout.
―The Mayor
As mayor, I hereby give Monkie Kid the key to our fair city.
―The Mayor
Oh, you'll love this. It has the power to open anything.
―The Mayor explaining the Skeleton Key to MK
Yes. Or the door to a lion's cage, or an orphan's piggy bank, an imprisoned mystic power source. Whatever you like!
―The Mayor
Today, you can do no wrong. You've got my permission. 'Cause I'm the mayor!
―The Mayor

Shadow Play

―The Mayor waving hi to MK
Bravo, bravo! What a performance.
―The Mayor to Macaque
Lady Bone Demon would like a word. Oh, and she'll be needing that.
―The Mayor

72 Transformations

With pleasure, my lady.
―The Mayor to Lady Bone Demon
That is a wonderful contraption you're building. But unfortunately, you're quite correct. There is no time.
―The Mayor to Syntax


  • When asked if the Mayor is supposed to be a demon or a figure created by Lady Bone Demon, Jeremy Adams replied that he might be somewhere in between the two.[2] He later confirmed that the Lady Bone Demon created the Mayor before her entrapment.[1]


In Monkie Kid

Skeleton Key

Shadow Play

72 Transformations

This is the End!


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