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“You know what? I am part of this clan. I am Mei, descendant of the great Dragon of the West Sea. This is mine, and this is my power!”
— Mei[src]

Mei Dragon is a friend of MK and a member of the Dragon Family and MK's team. After the Demon Bull King was freed from his five hundred year-old imprisonment, Mei, along with the rest of MK's team, went on a quest to give the Golden Staff to the Monkey King. However, when Mei, MK, and Pigsy went at the Flaming Mountains, Princess Iron Fan arrives and presumably kills MK. Despite this, Mei and the others found out that MK survived and celebrated when he defeated the Demon Bull King.

After several weeks, Mei assisted MK by fighting off demons and the Bull Clones with him and the others. When the Demon Bull King and the Bull Clones took over Megapolis after being possessed by Lady Bone Demon, Mei helped MK by stopping the possessed Bull Clones with the Monkey King Warrior Mech while MK was able to save Megapolis again by freeing the Demon Bull King from the spirit's possession.

Although, when the Spider Queen and her Spider-Bots started taking control of the civilians at New Year's, Mei and the rest of MK's team teamed up with Red Son to travel to the Celestial Realm to look for an antidote that can cure the civilians.

Official description

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Monkie Kid™ Heroes

MK's friend

Mei is from the fabled and prestigious Dragon Family, descendants of the legendary White Dragon Horse. She is smart, kind-hearted, cool and brave and rides an awesome White Dragon Horse Bike.


Mei is overall a nice, cheerful, and eccentric girl who loves races, video games and hanging out with MK and his acquaintances. She can also be a bit of an air head since she thinks Pigsy's noodle shop getting a bad review is better than no reviews at all. She is also very protective of her friends since she became filled with murderous rage when she believed MK was killed by Princess Iron Fan and wanted to kill the Demon Bull Family. Mei takes great pride on her heritage since nearly everything she owns is dragon or horse themed.

Appearance & Variants


Mei is a young girl, presumably a teenager. She has short chin-length hair with part of it tied in two small pigtails and two strands dyed green.


  • Casual: In her casual clothing, Mei wears a teal jacket with spring green sleeves, red and orange trimming and a gold dragon design on the back with white pants.
  • Motorcyclist:
    • First version: When Mei is driving her motorcycle, she wears a white motorcycle suit with a green dragon theme and a white helmet with a dragon design on the front of it.
    • Second version (non-canon): Mei's motorcycle suit has an updated look which consists of gold shoulder pads and a white jumpsuit with a gold dragon design and gold kneepads. Her helmet also updates with a green and black visor.
  • Young: When Mei was young, she wore a white Chinese dress with green designs and white shoes.
  • Swimwear: In her swimsuit, Mei wears a white swimshirt and white swim shorts with gold designs. She also wears yellow arm floaties and teal flippers.
  • Apocalypse: While MK was with Macaque during a possessed Demon Bull King's takeover, Mei wore an apocalyptic-like outfit, which was a white shirt with a brown sash and a grey armband, as well as white pants and brown boots. She also had a green cloth that was wrapped around her waist and was held up by a brown belt with a gold dragon buckle.
  • Sleepwear: TBA


Minifigure Show Differences
Mei Minifigure 1.png Casual Mei.jpeg Mei's minifigure has a white horse head in each side of her jacket and wears a golden, two chained necklace with a "D" letter on the first chain and a dragon on the second one.
Mei Minifigure 2.png Motorcyclist Mei.jpeg TBA

Weapons & Accessories

Dragon Blade

Main article: Dragon Blade

The Dragon Blade is a legendary sword that originally belonged to the Dragon of the West Sea. While the sword can be used by anyone, the user can only use the true power of sword if they are a worthy member of the Dragon Family. It was given to Mei after she used the Dragon Blade for the first time.


Main article: Mei's phone

MK Partying with Mei Day 1 (2).jpeg
Mei's phone is a handheld object owned by her. She often watch puppy videos or takes pictures with it.

Alternate versions

Calabash counterpart

Main article: Mei (Calabash)

Mei in a dress.png
In the episode "Calabash", when MK was trapped in a magical artifact known as the Calabash, he was sent to a simulation where everything's perfect in Megapolis. There, he winded up in a romantic river cruise with Mei's Calabash counterpart, who fell in love with MK since the day they first met.


Mei (shadow).jpeg

Maybe it's just me, but these guys don't look to happy about being left in the shadow of the great Monkie Kid.
Macaque [src]

While Mei and the others attended a shadow play, Macaque used a magic lantern to imprison them in it and take control of their shadows, including Mei's.



  • Vehicle Intuition - Mei has extraordinary skill in operating vehicles.
    • Motorcycle Intuition - Mei is very skilled when driving her motorcycle, the White Dragon Horse Bike, to the point where she drove mid-air to catch MK, who was being chased by Red Son.
  • Swordsmanship - Mei has shown to be an adept sword fighter upon acquiring the Dragon Blade.



Water vehicles

Land vehicles

Air vehicles


Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Lóng Xiǎo Jiāo (龙小娇 “Long Xiaojiao”)
  • Japanese: Mei (メイ “Mei”)
  • Korean: Mei (메이 “May”)


  • She is known for referring to Pigsy as "Piggy" instead of his actual name.
  • In the Chinese dub, Mei's name is Lóng Xiǎojiāo (龙小娇).
    • Lóng (龙) means dragon; the traditional character is 龍. This refers her counterpart in Journey to the West: the White Dragon Horse or Bái Lóngmǎ (白龍馬).
    • Jiāo (娇) means tender/lovable.
  • Mei shares many similarities with Red Son:
    • Both descend from non-human creatures yet they both look like normal humans.
    • Both have a complicated relationship with their parents.
    • Both can get angry rather quickly.
    • Both resemble their mothers more than their fathers.
    • Both have quirky personalities.
    • Both are very proud of their heritage.
    • In Chinese dub, they both hate being called small.
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