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Minor Scale is the fifth episode of Season 2 and the fifteenth episode overall of Monkie Kid.


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MK accidentally shrinks himself and falls down the drain, into the sewers, and finds himself back in the lair of the Spider Queen.[1]


Monkey King was looking through inside an ancient catacomb until he received a call from MK, who wanted to check how Monkey King was doing on his vacation. However, Monkey King replied that he can't talk to MK right now and told him that he should try shrinking himself as a new lesson, saying that he needs to "think little". After ending the call, Monkey King stood in front of a mural depicting a demon, punching it.

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Although he was about to escape, he later saw the mysterious girl crying. Unaware of the girl's true colors, MK comforts her until the girl takes him back to the Silken Web Cave, revealing to him that Spider Queen is planning on making a mech, which can only be stopped by destroying the Trigram Furnace with the Golden Staff. Although he was about to, MK recognizes the furnace as the same one from the Celestial Realm, and soon learned that the girl is responsible for DBK's possession and Monkey King's capture from before. The girl soon revealed herself as a demon called the Lady Bone Demon.

After revealing her identity, the Lady Bone Demon demanded MK to give her the Golden Staff, but after hearing about Monkey King from MK, she began to taught him, claiming that the reason Monkey King left could've been because he picked his successor wrongfully. Unexpectably, the Spider Queen bursts in and prepares to attack MK, giving MK a chance to escape. At the same time, Spider Queen was surprised by Lady Bone Demon after witnessing her power.

After escaping, MK went back to Pigsy's Noodles while Tang was close to finishing his review, but because of MK's time in the sewers, Tang gave the review one and a half stars because of MK's hygiene. Although Pigsy was mad at MK at first, he later learned that Tang's website doesn't have many followers than he expected, and the only follower is non-other than Tang himself. Pigsy then began to attack Tang while MK sat down in dismay.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
David Chen Tang
Jack De Sena MK
Kimberly Brooks Spider Queen
Sean Schemmel Monkey King
Victoria Grace Lady Bone Demon












Names in other languages

Foreign language Name
Chinese “Xiǎo” Tiān Chuǎng Mókū​​ (“小”天闯魔窟​​​ “Mini MK Breaks Into the Demon Cave​”)
Taiwanese Suōxiǎo Jì​​ (縮小記​​​ “Minification​”)
Cantonese Suk1 siu2 (縮小 “Minify”)
Japanese Shinobi yoru yami, redībōn dēmon​​ (忍びよる闇、レディーボーン・デーモン “Creeping Darkness, Lady Bone Demon​”)
Korean MKga Jul-eoss-eoyo! (MK가 줄었어요! “MK Has Decreased!”)
French Petit problème (“Little Problem”)
German Kleines Maß (“Small Size”)
Hebrew התכווצות (“Shrink”)


  • This is the fifth episode to be released before it reaches China.
  • This episode was adapted into a comic book in Monkie Kid Comic Story 8.
  • The mysterious girl was revealed to be a demon called the Lady Bone Demon.
    • Despite this, her identity was revealed in the credits for "Revenge of the Spider Queen," even though it was supposed to be unknown until this episode.

Characters' roles


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