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“Thank you for your interest in the Monkey King and the Monkey King branded items.”
— The Monkey King cardboard cut

The Monkey King cardboard cutout is a cutout of Monkey King that was used as a judge for the second challenge of Food Wars.


Sweet 'n' Sour

As the second challenge of Food Wars was about to start, the Commentator revealed that the second judge would be the Monkey King. Although MK was overjoyed at first, he and the others soon realized that it was actually a cardboard cutout of Monkey King instead. When the Monkey King cardboard cutout was about to vote between Pigsy's Noodles and Speedy Panda, it broke down and fell on Pigsy's noodle soup, and MK said that "Monkey King" endorsed Pigsy's Noodles.

After Food Wars ended, MK, Pigsy, and Tang briefly kept the Monkey King cardboard cutout.


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