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The Monkey King Warrior Mech is a character in Monkey Mech as well as a mech that MK used to defeat the Demon Bull King.


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

After the Demon Bull King stated that MK isn't the Monkey King just because he has the Golden Staff, MK agrees but says that he's the Monkie Kid. MK then creates the Monkey King Warrior Mech to defeat the Demon Bull King with it.

Season 1

Coming Home

When MK was playing Monkey Mech with Mei, he uses the Monkey King Warrior Mech as his avatar.

The End is Here!

After creating the mech, MK lets Mei use the mech to hold off the Bull Clones while he stops the Demon Bull King.

Later, Mei used the mech to rescue MK when a boulder was about to fall on him. Description

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Chill out with Monkie Kid in his bedroom above Pigsy’s noodle shop. But watch out - here come General Ironclad and Growl, causing trouble! Climb Flower Fruit Mountain and use the power of The Golden Staff to create the mighty Monkey King Warrior Mech. Bash those Bull Clones with the huge staff. Make the staff bigger if you need to! You must save the civilians... and their delicious noodle meals!




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Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

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