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“But you didn't! So let's celebrate with a round of Monkey Mech!”
Mei to MK

Monkey Mech is a video game in Megapolis.


Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

After saving MK from Red Son, Mei said that they should celebrate by playing Monkey Mech.


MK was playing Monkey Mech until Tang asked for his help.

Coming Home

At Pigsy's Noodles, Sandy was watching MK and Mei playing Monkey Mech. However, when Mei received a call from her mother, MK continued playing until he beaten Mei.

Noodles or Death

At the Sea-Crate HQ, Mei was playing Monkey Mech while discussing with Sandy if the team need a headquarters.


While trapped in the Calabash, MK beats all of the high scores on Monkey Mech.

Pig Pong Panic

Pigsy takes away the Monkey Mech cabinet as a form of punishment towards MK for not listening to basic instructions, which was then replaced with the Ping Pong table.



  • In the beginning of "Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born", the appearance of the Monkey Mech arcade cabinet briefly had its set appearance.


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Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born


Coming Home

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