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The Monkie Kid Mech[1] is a mech that is owned by MK.


Bad Weather

When MK and his team were taking a look at the Sea-Crate HQ, the mech was briefly seen.

Official descriptions

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Shhh… Monkie Kid has a secret. Deep in his headquarters, he has been building a mech. It's swift, agile, and runs rings around Bull Clones, bopping them on the head with its long, twirling staff. Stud shooters deal with distant enemies, and those who come close might get a poke in a eye from the movable fingers. Nobody messes with the Monkie Kid Mech![1]



Monkie Kid


  • In Mighty LEGO Mechs, the creator of the Monkie Kid Mech was implied to be MK during his time in the Sea-Crate HQ. However, the show itself appears to contradict the fact, as the mech was one of the vehicles to be presented by Mei when she first revealed the headquarters to MK and the others.


Official media

In Monkie Kid

Bad Weather

Noodles or Death


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