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Manual of Style
Types of Articles
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The Manual of Style is a set of guidelines when editing on the Monkie Kid Wiki.


Each article should have templates depending on what you're talking about. For a full list of templates, check out this page.

Upcoming Content

Leaked Information

Make sure that the source is reliable. Do not add any low-quality images as they might be fake. You must add references and citations to upcoming content to prove it exists.


Image Quality

When uploading pictures for the character, it's preferred to use any promotional media or the fullscreen of a screenshot. However, if the character or whatever only takes up a small part of the full image, then you should crop it to focus on them. If you find an image with bad quality, please upload a better version of it instead of uploading a new image. However, if more than one image is the same, please remove the one with the bad quality and use the one with the good quality.


When it comes to creating articles, please refrain from making pages with very little importance (computer, car, etc.). If an article about something makes an appearance in a set is made without knowing the offical name, it will be removed until a name is revealed.

Item/Vehicle/Food and Location Pages

All of the following pages should be titled with whatever you're talking about. The first section should have a brief but short bio explaining its significance.

They should also include:

  • Use the Infoboxes {{Item}} or {{Location}}
  • Official Description - Taken directly from (if necessary)
  • History
  • Appearances - If it appears in an episode, it should be included in this list.
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • Include the Item/Vehicle/Food or Locations Navbox at the end by using {{Items}} or {{Locations}}

Relationship Pages

Main characters (such as MK, Mei, etc) will receive a page for their relationships with other characters.

  • Include the Relationships Navbox at the end by using {{Relationships}}

Episode Pages

Each Episode Page is to describe the information of an episode.

  • Tabs - for the episode, place {{EpisodePageView}} on top of the article to display the episode's overview, transcript, and gallery.
  • Quote - Use {{Quote}} that reflects on the title, main plot of the episode, or something inspirational.
  • Use the Episode Infobox {{Episode}}
  • Plot - Write the plot
  • Cast - List the cast
  • Features - List all the things that appeared in the episode
    • Characters- List all the characters that appeared in the episode t Main, Supporting, and Antagonists
    • Locations - List all the locations that appeared in the episode
    • Items - List all the objects that appeared in the episode
      • Vehicles - List all the vehicles that appeared in the episode
  • Names in other languages - List all the episode's names in a different language if the episode has a different name in another country
  • Trivia
  • Focus Characters - List all the characters' role
    • Protagonists - List all the heroes' roles and what they did in the episode.
    • Antagonists - List all the villains' roles and what they did in the episode
  • Include the Episodes Navbox at the end by using {{Episodes}}

Voice Actor Pages

Voice Actor pages should be titled with their name. The first section should include who they are and who they voiced for Monkie Kid.

Each voice actor page should include:

  • Use the Voice Actor Infobox {{Voice Actor}}
  • Credits - What they have done in which episodes.
  • Trivia
  • External links - The voice actor's IMDb link, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Include the Voice Actors Navbox at the end by using {{Voice Actors}}

Event Pages

For Events, please don't make events that covers an entire season, the only events are needed are competitions, final battles, conflicts from the past, or traditions.

  • Use the event Infobox {{Event}}
  • History - list the history of the event
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • Include the event Navbox at the end by using {{Events}}