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“The Dragon Blade is the pride of our family heritage. It's power is only shows itself to those that embrace their history, their family.”
— Mr. Dragon[src]

Mr. Dragon[1] is a descendant of the Dragon of the West as well as Mei's father.


Coming Home

He and his wife leave Mei to housesit their manor while they leave for a vacation but are forced to come back when Mr. Dragon forgets their luggage and find their home trashed and Mei fighting General Ironclad. However, Mr. Dragon and his wife don't get angry at their daughter for the mess caused by the fight or her using the Dragon Blade and declares that he is proud of her since the Dragon Blade is the pride of the Dragon Family heritage and that it's power is only shows itself to those that embrace their history, their family. The family then embraces with MK joining in, which doesn't really please Mr. Dragon but he doesn't push the boy away either. When Mei apologizes for the mess her mother reassures her that it doesn't matter since objects can be replaced, until Mr. Dragon states that everything except for his prized pinball machine which is irreplaceable, much to MK's dismay since he accidentally destroyed it earlier.


He is a strict parent with Mei since he wants her to be careful and respectful of all the family heirlooms in their manor and doesn't let her into any room that has expensive stuff.


Mr. Dragon has black hair that is combed and wears gold-colored glasses and has a mustache that is curved at the ends. He wears a white, gold, and green Chinese shirt and green pants.


Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Lóng Xiānshēng (龙先生 “Mr. Long”)
  • Japanese: Mei no Papa (メイのパパ “Mei's father”)


  • Before meeting them, MK and Sandy expected Mei's parents to be two big, scary dragons.


In Monkie Kid


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