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“We may not always see eye to eye and your friends are more unique than we expected. But you are part of this family, and it is part of you. We love you.”
— Mrs. Dragon[src]

Mrs. Dragon[1] is the wife of Mr. Dragon and the mother of Mei.


Coming Home

Mrs. Dragon calls her daughter to ask her to watch their house while she and her husband leave for a vacation but are forced to come back when Mr. Dragon forgets their luggage and find their home trashed after Mei defeats General Ironclad.


Mrs. Dragon is serious and strict with her daughter since she wants her to be careful with their family heirlooms that surround their home and would not allow her to be rough and tumble like other kids because of this. Nevertheless she loves her daughter very much.


Mrs. Dragon has short, wavy chin lenght hair and wears red lipstick. She wears a green dress with a golden neckline and a golden headpiece with a green gem on it.


Monkie Kid

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Lóng Tàitài (龙太太 “Mrs. Long”)


  • She shows slight dissaprove of MK and Sandy being Mei's friends but they still allow their daughter to hang out with them.


In Monkie Kid


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