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This article is about the tank. You may be looking for the set.

The Noodle Tank is a giant tank that was created by MK by using the Golden Staff and Pigsy's Food Truck.


Sweet 'n' Sour

After MK created the Noodle Tank by using the Golden Staff and Pigsy's Food Truck, Pigsy uses the tank to fight against the Panda Bot, but was stopped by the Demon Accountant, who told the Gold and Silver Demons that Speedy Panda became bankrupt.

Abilities & Functions

  • Blaster - The Noodle Tank has a pig-shaped blaster on its right hand.
  • Chopsticks - The Noodle Tank comes with two large chopsticks.
  • Rake - The front of the Noodle Tank features a large rake to be the front fender.
  • Shield - The Noodle Tank's left arm comes with a shield.

LEGO® Building Instructions' description

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Speedy Panda owner Pan is using dirty tricks to steal customers away from Pigsy. Help Pigsy fight back by turning his food truck into a noodle tank! Watch out for the Speedy Panda drone dropping delivery boxes and the Speedy Panda robot shooting lemonade and hot sauce. Fire back with the pig-shaped rapid shooter and the disc shooter hidden in the fridge. You must win this food war!

Alternate versions

Pigsy's Food Truck

Pigsy's Food TruckS2.png

Main article: Pigsy's Food Truck

Pigsy's Food Truck is a food delivery truck that belongs to the aforementioned person and the original form of the Noodle Tank.



Monkie Kid

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Měishí Zhòng Zhuāng Tǎnkè (美食重裝坦克 “Gourmet Heavy-duty Tank”)
  • Japanese: Rāmentanku (ラーメンタンク “Ramen Tank”)



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