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“I need workers. Soldiers in the army of Pigsy's Noodles, home of the world's longest noodles. How else am I gonna expand my business into enemy territory?”
— Pigsy

Pigsy is the owner and head chef of Pigsy's Noodles as well as a member of MK's Team.

Official description

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Owner and head chef of Pigsy’s Noodle Shop, home of the world's longest noodle. Runs his kitchen with military precision and discipline, but he’s fiercely loyal to his friends and always looks out for his team.


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

When MK attempts to give Tang a free bowl of noodles, Pigsy stops him and tells him to start delivering noodles. Despite, MK's excuses, Pigsy ignores him. Moments later, when Tang was eating the bowl of the noodles MK was gonna give him, Pigsy attacks him.

At night, when Pigsy saw that someone gave a bad review at Pigsy's Noodles, he became enraged at MK until he believed MK about him founding the Golden Staff.

Soon, Pigsy decided to take MK's Team to Sandy after learning that he and the others need to travel to Flower Fruit Mountain. However, when he and the others learned that Sandy became a pacifist, Pigsy got mad at him until he agreed to help MK's Team by taking them to the Flaming Mountains.

However, when Pigsy, MK, and Mei were attacked by Princess Iron Fan, MK was presumably killed by her, forcing to Pigsy and Mei to escape. After Pigsy was told by Tang that he could've done nothing, Pigsy stated that he should've been there for MK and gave up hope until Mei stated that the Demon Bull King has to be stopped. When Pigsy and the others returned to the city, they fought off the Bull Clones until they found out MK was alive. After MK defeated the Demon Bull King, Pigsy and the others congratulated MK and celebrated by going out for noodles.

Season 1

Bad Weather

A week later, Pigsy gets mad at Tang for having time off at Sandy's Cargo Ship while he was working at his noodle store. However, when a crate falls on MK, Pigsy was shocked to see what happened until MK reveals that he's alright. Pigsy tries to explain to MK that just because he has the powers of the Monkey King doesn't mean he shouldn't be goofing off with them. Mei, however, says that every hero should have a base, she takes Pigsy and the others inside Sandy's Cargo Ship to show them their new headquarters, causing Pigsy to question Mei how did she make it.

When Pigsy and the others notices that Red Son was taking control of the Weather Station, they head to the Weather Station to stop him. However, due to MK still not having complete control of his powers, Pigsy and the others were captured until MK was able to defeat Red Son and the Bull Clones by electrifying them with the lightning button.


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Noodles or Death

While Pigsy and Tang were looking for ingredients, they meet a woman at the market and Pigsy falls in love with her. However, the woman tricks them and takes them to the Silken Web Cave.

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After MK returned to Pigsy's Noodles after being freed from the Calabash, Pigsy questions MK on where was he until MK embraces him. However, when MK said that he's glad that Pigsy, Mei, and Tang aren't perfect, Pigsy and the others get mad at MK and remarked that they are perfect.

The Great Wall Race

When MK and Mei were talking about the Peaches of Immortality, Pigsy questions them on what they were talking about until Tang tells him about a story about the Monkey King and the peaches.

Later on, Pigsy and Tang watch MK and Mei competing in the Great Wall Race.

Impossible Delivery

At Pigsy's Noodles, Pigsy reminds MK that he needs to focus more at the task at hand instead of being distracted by anything else. However, when MK ignores him, Pigsy decided to give him one more chance not to mess up. Otherwise, he would fire MK and replace him with a robot known as the Deliverybot 9000.

While MK was delivering noodles, Pigsy calls him and tells MK more about the Deliverybot 9000.

Skeleton Key

At Pigsy's Noodles, Pigsy watches the Mayor giving the Key to the City to MK.

Later on, when Pigsy was trying to open his noodle store, he founded out that someone locked him out but was unaware the MK and Mei were the ones who did.


Pigsy is seen knocked out after he tried to stop the Smoke Monster.

The End is Here!

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Pigsy is very short-tempered when it comes to running his business, denying Tang free noodles, claiming he's not "running a charity" and bossy towards MK, even going so far to kick him out the door to make the deliveries. Despite this, he actually cares about MK deep down and that he states he should have done a better job protecting MK when he thought he was dead.


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