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“Every noodle from Pigsy's Noodle Shop is handcrafted from scratch with love, care. It's what our customers have come to expect.”
— Pigsy[src]

Pigsy is the owner and head chef of Pigsy's Noodles as well as a member of MK's team. After the Demon Bull King was freed from his imprisonment, Pigsy assisted MK, Mei, and Tang by taking them to Sandy, who knew how to get them to Flower Fruit Mountain. However, when Pigsy, MK, and Mei went to the Flaming Mountains, MK was presumably killed by Princess Iron Fan. Dispite this, Pigsy and the others had no choice but to go on without MK until they found out that MK survived and celebrated when he defeated the Demon Bull Family.

After several weeks, Pigsy continued to work at his noodle store while fighting off several demons and Bull Clones. But when the Demon Bull King got possessed by Lady Bone Demon, Pigsy and the others helped MK by fighting off the Bull Clones while MK freed the Demon Bull King from the spirit's possession.

When the Spider Queen and her Spider-Bots started taking control of the civilians at New Year's, Pigsy and the rest of MK's team teamed up with Red Son to travel to the Celestial Realm to look for an antidote that can cure the civilians.

Official description

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Owner and head chef of Pigsy’s Noodle Shop, home of the world's longest noodle. Runs his kitchen with military precision and discipline, but he’s fiercely loyal to his friends and always looks out for his team.[1]


Pigsy is very short-tempered when it comes to running his business, denying Tang free noodles, claiming he's not "running a charity" and bossy towards MK, even going so far to kick him out the door to make the deliveries. Despite this, he actually cares about MK deep down and that he states he should have done a better job protecting MK when he thought he was dead.

Appearance & Variants


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  • Cook: In his chef's attire, Pigsy wears a white chef's jacket with a brown towel around his neck, black pants and a white chef's hat.
  • Blue vest (non-canon): In his blue vest, Pigsy wears a red and yellow striped tank top and a light blue denim vest with various badges on it over the tank top, khaki pants and retains his chef's hat.
  • Apocalypse: During the Demon Bull King's takeover, Pigsy wore a white shirt and his black pants from his chef's outfit. He also had a yellow lightning bolt-shaped mark acrossed his left eye and magenta spiked shoulder pads.
  • Tunic: When wearing his tunic, Pigsy wears a white tunic with a medium blue utility harness and a golden pig brooch.
    • First version: Pigsy wears a red and white tunic, a vertical utility harness, and black pants and shoes. He also wears his pig brooch as a badge and has a golden star as a buckle for the harness.
    • Second version: Pigsy wears his utility harness diagonally, filled with several food products and has the pig brooch as a buckle for the harness, along with khakis.
  • Sleepwear: Pigsy wears a white undershirt that depicts a bowl of noodles and has on blue and green striped shorts, along with a golden watch.

Weapons & Accessories


LEGO Monkie Kid-S1Ep2-04-14.jpeg
Pigsy owns a mobile phone that he mainly uses whenever someone orders noodles. It has white and grey coloring and has stains and scratch marks on it. It also has a sticker of the Pigsy's Noodles' logo.


Although he only uses it in sets, Pigsy wields a large red three-toothed rake for combat. With a sausage cannon, Pigsy is able to attach his rake to it and launch sausages.

Sausage Nunchucks

Sausage Nunchucks.jpeg
In "Revenge of the Spider Queen", it was revealed that Pigsy keeps a sausage chain under his chef's jacket and uses them as nunchucks.

Alternate versions

Calabash counterpart

Main article: Pigsy (Calabash)

Alternate Universe Pigsy.jpeg
In the episode "Calabash", when MK was trapped in a magical artifact known as the Calabash, he was sent to a simulation where everything's perfect in Megapolis. There, he met Pigsy's Calabash counterpart, who is the polite owner and head chef of Pigsy's Noodles, and Tang's best friend.


Pigsy (shadow).jpeg

Maybe it's just me, but these guys don't look to happy about being left in the shadow of the great Monkie Kid.
Macaque [src]

While Pigsy and the others attended a shadow play, Macaque used a magic lantern to imprison them in it and take control of their shadows, including Pigsy's.



  • Vehicle Intuition - Pigsy has extraordinary skill in operating vehicles.


Land vehicles

  • Food Truck - A food delivery truck that Pigsy uses to serve noodles.
    • Noodle Tank - A large tank that MK created by using the Golden Staff and Pigsy's Food Truck.

Water vehicles


Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Zhū dà chú (朱大廚 “Chef Zhu”)
  • Japanese: Pigushī (ピグシー “Pigsy”)
  • Korean: Pisgi (픽시 “Pigsy”)



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