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This article is about the mech. You may be looking for the set.

The Power Loader Mech is a mech owned by Mo.


Pig Pong Panic

Mo was relaxing on the Power Loader Mech until MK accidentally opened a crate that contained the Fruit Babies, freeing them. Once Mo got an the idea to use Sandy's sleeping tea leaves on the Fruit Babies, he used the Power Loader Mech to spray the sleeping tea on them.

LEGO® Building Instructions' description

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Team up with Sandy in his Power Loader Mech to protect the city from Spider Queen's warriors! Beware of Syntax’s mech’s poison rocket launcher and spike. Fend off the Huntsman’s attacks with his chainsaw blaster and grappling hook. Flip out the Power Loader’s jet boosters, then smash the spiders with its power-punching fist and Crescent Staff while Mo plays some tunes in the mech's DJ booth!



Monkie Kid

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Shā Dàlì Néngliàng Zhuāngzǎi Jījiǎ (沙大力能量裝載機甲 “Sandy's Power Loading Mecha”)
  • Japanese: Sandī no Pawā Meka (サンディーのパワーメカ “Sandy's Power Mecha”)


  • Although the mech is described to be Sandy's mech and larger than him in the sets, the Power Loader Mech is the same size as him and used by Mo.


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