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“Don't toy with him, my love. We will get it back. I have Bull Clones scouring the city. It's only a matter of time.”
— Princess Iron Fan to the Demon Bull King

Princess Iron Fan is the wife of the Demon Bull King and the mother of Red Son.

Official Description

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Wife of the Demon Bull King, mother to Red Son. With one swipe of her magical weapon, a giant fan, she can summon massive tornadoes to knock down whatever comes between her and her evil plans.


Early Life

At one point Princess Iron Fan married the Demon Bull King had a son together, whom they called Red Son. MK also mentions the Monkey King using Princess Iron Fan's magic fan. During a fight Monkey King later sealed away her husband for, leaving her and their son to try to find a way to free him for the next five hundred years.

Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

Princess Iron Fan is first seen when MK accidentally walked in on her and Red Son making the final adjustments to free DBK


She is intelligent, cold and ruthless. She, like her family, wants to rule the world and bring eternal darkness to it. She enjoys taunting her son when he fails on killing MK or retrieving the Monkey King's staff and seems indifferent with him most of the time. However, she does have a softer side as she seems to genuinely loves her husband, calmed him down when he was about to chastise Red Son for losing the staff and quickly retrieved both of them when MK was about to defeat them.


She looks like a normal, human woman with long, black hair with half of her hair done in an updo that resembles a bull's horns and two hair loops with the rest of it loose. She wears a golden headpiece, a red, two piece dress with golden trimming that leaves her midriff exposed. She also wears red lipstick and has a beauty mark on the right side of her face.


  • Magic Fan - She can summon massive tornadoes with her fan.
  • Aerokinesis - She can control wind even without her fan.
    • Aerokinetic Flight - Princess Iron has the ability to fly by using wind.



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