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“Come on, where did you get that?!”
“What? You think I drive anything that doesn't at least have one complex transformation?”
MK and Red Son[src]

The race car[1] was a vehicle owned by Red Son and the cockpit of the Inferno Truck.


Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

When MK outran Red Son twice, Red Son presses a button and uses the race car to go after him. However, when Mei rescues MK, Red Son crashes into a restaurant, destroying the race car.

The Great Wall Race

Red Son used the race car to compete in the Great Wall Race. However, shortly after MK created the Cloud Roadster, it crashed into the race car, destroying.

Skeleton Key

Red Son ejected the race car out of the Inferno Truck to get Mei off his tail. After Mei destroyed the Inferno Truck with the Dragon Blade, Red Son got away in the race car. Despite this, when Red Son was taunting Mei, MK destroyed the race car with the Golden Staff.




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