“With every item absorbed, my family comes one step closer to total domination! Once we get the Monkey King's staff, we will be unstoppable!”
— Red Son

Red Son is the son of the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan. He is the creator of the Bull Clones.

Official description

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Son of the Demon Bull King, he is a short-tempered evil genius who builds diabolical weapons and tries to impress his dad at any cost. His mission is to rule the city and wipe out all signs of the Monkey King.


Red Son can be described as a stereotypical insane boy genius/mad scientist, creating a multitude of weapons to aid the Demon Bull Family in their rise to power. He greatly admires his father for his strength and seeks to serve him and any possible manner for his family to rule the world. Befitting his maniacal personality, he is also yields a short, and literally fiery temper, prone to outbursts of rage whenever things do not go his way, or he finds himself challenged by those he deems inferior.

Appearance & Variants


Red Son looks akin to an average human teenager, with red hair tied into a ponytail and part of his raised at the front end and a yellow highlight resembling fire. He also has a 'X' shaped scar on his cheek.


  • Current: He wears pince-nez glasses, a red long-sleeved trench coat that is torn at the ends over a black shirt, indigo pants with a purple belt, silver buckle and yellow pocket linings. He also wears a necklace that has the Demon Bull Family insignia on it under his trench coat.
  • Cook: While working at his and his father's food stand, Red Son kept his normal clothing but had a baker's skull cap and an apron on as well.
  • Armored: Over his trench coat, Red Son wears a grey suit of armor that has gold tubes.



Red Son shows a fact about the Inferno Truck to MK.jpeg
Whenever Red Son is driving his race car, he often wears a red and purple helmet that has the logo that's on the back of his trench coat.

Power Glove

Main article: Red Son's Power Glove

EP1 Red Son with his Power Glove.png
Sometime before "Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born", Red Son created a silver gauntlet that can lift the Golden Staff for those who can't.

Alternate versions

Calabash counterpart

Main article: Demon Bull Family (Calabash)

Tang and Demon Bull Family.jpeg
In the episode "Calabash", when MK was trapped in a magical artifact known as the Calabash, he was sent to an alternate universe where everything's perfect. When he asked what happened to the Golden Staff, Tang remarked that he used the staff to imprison Red Son and the rest of his family in the mountain.



  • Pyrokinesis - Red Son has the ability to create fire.
    • Pyroportation - As briefly shown in "Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born", Red Son has the ability to disappear and reappear using his fire powers.
    • Pyro-Telekinesis - Red Son has the ability to manipulate objects by using his fire powers.
    • Portal creation - Via his fire powers, Red Son create portals.


Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Hóng Hái-ér (紅孩兒)


  • Red Son and Princess Iron Fan are currently the only known demons to have a human appearance.
  • When MK arrived at a temple in Flower Fruit Mountain, he saw an illustration of Red Son's parents and other legendary villains whom Monkey King battled yet Red Son was nowhere to be seen.
  • In The original Journey to the West character is usually referred to as "Red Boy" instead of "Red Son." He was also a young child instead of a teenager.
    • In the English dub of "Revenge of the Spider Queen", Mei refers to Red Son as "Red Boy" instead.
    • In Journey to the West, the Monkey King battled against Red Son in hopes of returning his master, Tripitaka. Red Son did not believe Monkey King's statement that his father, the Demon Bull King, was Monkey King's sworn brother, which technically made him a relative of his. Red Son tried to kill the Monkey King by controlling five carts that emitted in great amount of fire, but the latter cast a fire resistance spell and chased after Red Son, who went back into his cave after thinking he had defeated the Monkey King. Later on, as Red Son was fighting the Monkey King in a forest, he found Guanyin's empty lotus throne and then sat in it, imitating Guanyin's position. Suddenly the lotus throne transformed into swords, which pierced and wounded Red Son; as he attempted to take them out, the swords then transformed into halberds, which trapped him. In pain, Red Son pleaded for Guanyin to release him. In return, Red Son would have to also become Guanyin's permanent disciple.
  • In the English dub, The Monkey King refers to him as the Demon Bull King's "half baked son" but in the original dub he refers to Red Son as "Scorching Fire Son".
  • Red Son shares many similarities with Mei:
    • Both descend from non-human creatures yet they both look like normal humans.
    • Both have a complicated relationship with their parents.
    • Both can get angry rather quickly.
    • Both resemble their mothers more than their fathers.
    • Both have quirky personalities.
    • Both are very proud of their heritage.
    • Both hate being called a "small".
  • In the English dub of "Revenge of the Spider Queen", Red Son implies that he has his own hit list.
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