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Note: Due to Monkie Kid not being a direct representation to Journey to the West,[1] this article will be primarily about Red Son's appearance within Monkie Kid. For information about him in Journey to the West, click here.
“With every item absorbed, my family comes one step closer to total domination! Once we get the Monkey King's staff, we will be unstoppable!”
— Red Son[src]

Red Son is the son of the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan. He is the creator of the Bull Clones.

Official description

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Demons and Other Bad Guys

Son of the Demon Bull King, he is a short-tempered evil genius who builds diabolical weapons and tries to impress his dad at any cost. His mission is to rule the city and wipe out all signs of the Monkey King.[2]


Red Son can be described as a stereotypical insane boy genius/mad scientist, creating a multitude of weapons to aid the Demon Bull Family in their rise to power. He greatly admires his father for his strength and seeks to serve him and any possible manner for his family to rule the world. Befitting his maniacal personality, he also yields a short, and literally fiery temper, prone to outbursts of rage whenever things do not go his way, or he finds himself challenged by those he deems inferior.

In LEGO Brawls (non-canon)

Red Son is a playable character in LEGO Brawls. He is the third character that can be unlocked after collecting enough Season Trophies in the third week of Season 14 of LEGO Brawls, Team D.B.K..


Main article: Red Son/Designs

Red Son looks akin to an average human teenager. He has red hair tied into a high ponytail, a section of it stands up at his widows peak with a yellow highlight resembling fire. He also has a 'X' shaped scar on his right cheek and a red dot on his forehead.


Minifigure Show Differences
Red Son Minifigure 1.jpeg
Red son normal fit full body.png
Red Son's minifigure features a silver necklace with the Demon Bull Family's insignia on it, his suspender straps are red instead of orange, he has silver knee-pads, as well as red makeup above his eyebrows.

Weapons & Accessories


Red Son shows a fact about the Inferno Truck to MK.jpeg

Whenever Red Son is driving his race car, he often wears a red and purple helmet that has the logo that's on the back of his trench coat.

Power Glove

Main article: Red Son's Power Glove
EP1 Red Son with his Power Glove.png

Sometime before "Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born", Red Son created a silver gauntlet that can lift the Golden Staff for those who can't.

Alternate versions

Calabash counterpart

Main article: Demon Bull Family (Calabash)
Tang and Demon Bull Family.jpeg

In "Calabash", when MK was trapped in a magical artifact known as the Calabash, he was sent to a simulation where everything's perfect in Megapolis. When he asked what happened to the Golden Staff, Tang remarked that he used the staff to imprison Red Son and the rest of his family in the mountain.


Note: Italicized text indicates all of Red Son's former abilities.


  • Pyrokinesis - Red Son has the ability to create fire.
    • Samadhi Fire - Red Son formally possessed the Samadhi Fire, which cannot be extinguished by normal means. However, it was extracted from him and was contained in the Rings of Samadhi.
    • Pyroportation - As briefly shown in "Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born", Red Son has the ability to disappear and reappear using his fire powers.
    • Pyro-telekinesis - Red Son has the ability to manipulate objects by using his fire powers.
    • Portal creation - Via his fire powers, Red Son can create portals.


Names in other languages

Foreign language Name
Mandarin Hóng Hái-ér (紅孩兒, "Red Boy")
Taiwanese Hóng Hái-ér (紅孩兒, "Red Boy")
Cantonese Hung4 Haai4 Ji4 (紅孩兒, "Red Boy")
Japanese Reddosan (レッドサン, “Red Son”)
Korean Ledeusseon (레드썬, “Red Son”)
German Red Son
Spanish Red Son
Hebrew רד סאן (Red Sun)

Behind the scenes

  • His Journey to the West character is known as "Red Boy" (紅孩兒 "Hóng Hái-ér") instead of "Red Son" and was a child instead of a young adult.
    • In "Revenge of the Spider Queen", Mei refers to Red Son by that name.
    • His name remains Red Boy in all of the Chinese dubs, with Mei instead referring to him as "Red Kid" (红小子 "Hóng Xiǎozi").
  • In the novel, Red Son engaged in a fight with Monkey King after learning about his relationship with the Demon Bull King until he became Guanyin's permanent disciple after asking her for mercy due to the pain he was in after sitting on her lotus throne, which she had transformed into several swords.


Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

Bad Weather

The First Ring

The Corrupted King (remixed with MK's theme)


  • Red Son and Princess Iron Fan are currently the only known demons to have a human appearance.
    • Both are descended from non-human creatures yet look like normal humans.
    • Both have a complicated relationship with their parents.
    • Both are short tempered.
    • Both are very proud of their heritage.
    • In the Mandarin dub, they both hate being refereed to as small.
  • He implies that he has his own hit list.
  • The Monkey King refers to him as the Demon Bull King's "half-baked son".
Red sons necklace the great wall race.png
  • The necklace he wears in his minifigure is normally hidden under his shirt, it can briefly be seen in The Great Wall Race when he is ejected from the Cloud Roadster.
  • The waist on Red Son's minifigure is noticeably more defined than a usual minifigures chest piece.
Ashe jacobson pokemon cards red son.jpg
  • Storyboard director, Ashe Jacobson, has said that they view Red Son as using any pronouns.
    • Another storyboarder, Melanie Shin, has drawn Red Son in skirts on several occasions.
    • Shin once said, in response to Jacobson's Pokemon card edits, that Red Son: "can not be contained by one measly gender and will be taking all the genders". [3]
    • It's worth noting that both of these crew members are non-binary themselves, with Shin also using any pronouns.


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