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“With every item absorbed, my family comes one step closer to total domination! Once we get the Monkey King's staff, we will be unstoppable!”
— Red Son

Red Son is the son of the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan. He is the creator of the Bull Clones.

Official description

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Son of the Demon Bull King, he is a short-tempered evil genius who builds diabolical weapons and tries to impress his dad at any cost. His mission is to rule the city and wipe out all signs of the Monkey King.


Early Life

Very little is known about Red Son's early life, except that he apparently never fought the Monkey King since he wasn't seen in the illustrations of the demons he fought in the past.

Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

While Red Son was making the final adjustments to free the Demon Bull King, he and Princess Iron Fan notice Bob attempting to pull the Golden Staff off a mountain but failed, as his arms were ripped off. Red Son remarked that only people who are deemed worthy can lift the Monkey King's staff but created a Power Glove that is able to lift the staff for those who can't. After Red Son noticed nothing happened after he pulled the staff off the mountain, he questions Princess Iron Fan if she knew what mountain trapped the Demon Bull King until the aforementioned person was freed. When Demon Bull King asked Princess Iron Fan on how she freed him, Red Son interrupts by stating that he was the one who freed him and said that the Demon Bull Family will spread the world in darkness until MK accidentally falls on him. Enraged, Red Son gets mad at MK and decided to kill him to show the Demon Bull King how powerful became during the past five hundred years. However, when MK block Red Son's punch with the staff, the latter decided to take the staff by force, but only to be defeated when MK used the staff again. After MK escaped, Red Son went after him by using his Inferno Truck.

By using the Inferno Truck and race car, Red Son chases MK across the City until he crashes to a restaurant.

After failing to get the Golden Staff, Red Son builds the Demon Bull King a special kind of armor that is able absorb energy to create energy and explains it to him.

At a Shoe Store, Red Son asked an assistant for the latest shoes for him and the Demon Bull King. Moments later, he watches the Demon Bull King absorbing most of the shoes after being told to go to the back of the line.

After being told that MK's Team went to Flower Fruit Mountain by General Ironclad, Red Son gets mad him for letting them get away until Princess Iron Fan arrived, saying that she'll get the staff. Later, Red Son watches Princess Iron Fan returning with the Golden Staff and the Demon Bull King being empowered by it.

After MK's Team returned to the City, Red Son attempts to fight them until being hit by the Cloud Jet. When the Demon Bull King was defeated, Red Son tells MK to face him without the Monkey King Warrior Mech but passed out and Princess Iron Fan rescued him and the Demon Bull King.

Season 1

Bad Weather

At the Flaming Foundry, the Demon Bull King takes his anger out by destroying parts of the foundry until Red Son says that he'll help him get the power he deserves before heading out.

With the help of the Bull Clones, Red Son breaks into the Weather Station to control the City's weather so he can return the Demon Bull King to his former glory. When MK and his team arrives, Red Son watches MK accidentally hurting Mei and Sandy and knocking himself out of the Weather Station, allowing Red Son and the Bull Clones to capture the team.

After MK returned to the Weather Station, Red Son engages in a fight with him until he was able to defeat him. However, MK was able to use the Golden Staff to hang Red Son and the Bull Clones outside on top of the Weather Station and zapping them when he presses the lightning button. After being defeated, Red Son insults MK before leaving.

The Great Wall Race

At the Flaming Foundry, Red Son tells Princess Iron Fan and Demon Bull King about the race, and the supposed prize of a Peach of Immortality. However, his parents seem uninterested, so he goes to enter in the race himself.

Later, Red Son pulls up in his race car at the race track as a new competitor along with Gold and Silver Demons and his parents. After the Horn Demons randomly become the announcers of the race, Red Son is shocked like everyone else, though he still races.

During the race, Red Son mocks his mother and father about not being able to get the dump truck do a quick turn, forcing them to go through a mountain. Red Son almost wins, but he is beaten by Mei and MK in the Cloud Roadster. After losing losing, he throws a fit, claiming that he should have the peach prize. However, when MK bites into the peach and it turns out it's just a trophy, Red Son gets angry and claims he new that all along. Then, he walks away.

Skeleton Key

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The End is Here!

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Red Son can be described as a stereotypical insane boy genius/mad scientist, creating a multitude of weapons to aid the Demon Bull Family in their rise to power. He greatly admires his father for his strength and seeks to serve him and any possible manner for his family to rule the world. Befitting his maniacal personality, he is also yields a short, and literally fiery temper, prone to outbursts of rage whenever things do not go his way, or he finds himself challenged by those he deems inferior.


Red Son looks akin to an average human teenager, with red hair tied into a ponytail and part of his raised at the front end and a yellow highlight resembling fire. He also has a 'X' shaped scar on his cheek. He wears pince-nez glasses, a red long-sleeved trench coat that is torn at the ends over a black shirt, indigo pants with a purple belt, silver buckle and yellow pocket linings. He also wears a necklace that has the Demon Bull Family insignia on it under his trench coat.

Whenever flying on his hoverboard. Red son wears dark gray armour a black fire-emitting jetpack



  • Pyrokinesis - Red Son has the ability to create fire.
    • Pyroportation - As briefly shown in "Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born", Red Son has the ability to disappear and reappear using his fire powers.
    • Pyro-Telekinesis - Red Son has the ability to manipulate objects by using his fire powers.


Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Hóng Hái-ér (紅孩兒)


  • Red Son and Princess Iron Fan are currently the only known demons to have a human appearance.
  • The original Journey to the West character is usually referred to as "Red Boy" instead of "Red Son."
    • In the original novel he was also a young child instead of a teenager.
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